Fart 2.0

Have you ever heard somebody fart and think, “dang, that was a good one – I’d rate that baby a 10!”. Oh for sure … because think about it … FART is really ART, but only without the “F”. Pretty cool, eh? Whatever … you all are nuts!

Look … judging the quality of a person’s fart is really not our thing here at KRAPPS … but hey, who are we too judge. If rating farts floats your boat – go for it. We are simply here to deliver great news to all our fart rating friends (aka – freaks) … Nielsen Technology has released the most awesome (albeit, the only one so far) fart rating iPhone app, appropriately called … Rate A Fart.


Seriously, we are about to dive into Rate A Fart’s features … it’s so sick (we mean that in a good way), you better sit down. Rate A Fart is basically a fart rater on steroids. Or call it, fart rater meets social media … FFR … the Facebook of Fart Raters. A collaboration of the finest minds. The user is supplied with an endless stream of member supplied farts from all over the world. English farts, Aussie farts, Japanese farts, Swiss farts, Egyptian farts … you have all-world fart access, so rate away.

socialmedia Ok, rating farts is so much fun (we guess – whatever), but participating in this fart competition is even better. Rate A Fart gives you the ability to record your own personal farts and then broadcast worldwide to other Rate A Fart users for scoring on a scale of 1 to 5. It’s almost like commenting on Flickr images.

Now if you have true talent … a gifted FARTIST, if you will (see what we just did there) … your farts will score big and be placed into the app’s dedicated Top Rated farts screen. Think Farts Of Fame … ahhh, your parents would be so proud! And if you fall short of the esteemed group of flatulence … don’t give up … keep practicing … Rate A Fart provides a nice archive where you can store your previous recordings and refer back to them for future work … sort of like how a baseball player tapes his swing so he can go back, study the film, make the adjustments and be ready to perform prime time at his next at-bat.

RaF1   RaF2

We think you will all agree – Rate A Fart ROCKS! The Flickr/Facebook of Farts, where Farts become Social Media and part of Web 2.0 … call it FART 2.0 (see what we just did there).

FREE Rate A Fart App To KRAPPS Viewers!
Neilsen Technology (Twitter @rateafart) was kind enough to provide codes which will allow KRAPPS viewers to download Rate A Fart FREE. Simply be one of the first 10 viewers to leave a comment and we will email you the download code. If you are commenter #11, don’t worry, yesterday Rate A Fart Lite was released at no charge … think  non-Pro Flickr account.


  • iphone4spiel

    Does anyone need an App like that? Sounds funny but I can't imagine anyone is using it…

  • true … good for shits & giggles but that's about it 🙂

  • Scottybmx

    What a great idea!!!