Developer Uses App To Lash Out At ‘The Moral And Hypocritical Swine Of The World’

angry_man It seems developer Boris Kreynin has a bone to pick with a certain segment of the population. He’s one of those dudes who simply cannot let things go … and will do everything in his power to “fight the good fight” … even if it makes him look like a total incoherent ass.

Anywho … Boris has released a series of five applications called The Pearl. On the surface these apps seem innocent enough … they are journals for adults only (whatever that means). But as you continue to read the apps’ descriptions, a darker side of Boris is revealed … one that  chastises “the moral and hypocritical swine of the world” … admonishing them for “regularly attending church, giving to charities and always appearing in moral philanthropy.”



Actually we have no idea what the f*ck crawled up Boris’ ass and died, but find it absolutely hysterical that some random dude uses his app as a platform for his own moral and philosophical agenda.

For a bizarre, yet fascinating look into a diary of a madman, continue reading The Pearl’s description insane diatribe by Angry Boris (who has obviously had a hard day and could use another shot of vodka) …

An Apology for our Title


Having decided to bring out a Journal, the Editor racks his brains for a suitable name with which to christen his periodical. Friends are generally useless in an emergency of this kind; they suggest all kinds of impossible names; the following were some of the titles proposed in this instance: "Facts and Fancies," "The Cremorne," "The All Round," "The Monthly Courses," "The Devil’s Own," and "Dugdale’s Ghost"; the two first had certainly great attractions to our mind, but at last our own ideas have hit upon the modest little "Pearl," as more suitable, especially in the hope that when it comes under the snouts of the moral and hypocritical swine of the world, they may not trample it underfoot, and feel disposed to rend the publisher, but that a few will become subscribers on the quiet. To such better disposed piggywiggys, I would say, for encouragement, that they have only to keep up appearances by regularly attending church, giving to charities, and always appearing deeply interested in moral philanthropy, to ensure a respectable and highly moral character, and that if they only are clever enough never to be found out, they may, sub rosa, study and enjoy the philosophy of life till the end of their days, and earn a glorious and saintly epitaph on their tombstone, when at last the Devil pegs them out.


Editor of the "Pearl."