Oink! Oink!

Title: iRecording Diet
Category: Lifestyle

What motivates you? How do you motivate others? I’m a big believer in positive reinforcement and constructive criticism. One method is the Compliment Sandwich – the meat of sandwich (your critique) is surrounded by two pieces of bread (compliments):

(rye bread) … ‘”Hello there Judy! I really like your blouse. Is it new?”
(meat – sorry vegans) … “Look Judy, I noticed you’ve gained a ton of weight. I’m concerned about your health. Mix in some exercise and a salad.”
(rye bread) … “Oh, by the way, the blue color in your blouse really makes your eyes sparkle.”

iRecordingDiet_Icon2 Ok, maybe not the best example, but whatever – you get the point. On the flipside, if I were Judy … being told I was a pig would NOT be motivating. And purchasing the pig-themed iRecording Diet app would probably lead me into a deeper depression. Come on – what is up with this app? – exactly want I want to see every time I look at it’s icon on my iPhone, a PIG’s FACE with the bright red word DIET screaming at me!

And what waits inside for the sucker who purchases the iRecording Diet app? MORE PIGS!


Thanks iRecording Diet – you guys rock! I have now turned into one of those emo kids.