Recap: Week Of August 24

iphonekrappsV1GIF In case you missed any of the festivities, quick links to this week’s articles.

August 24: Pretty Poo – A Curiously Bizarre App

August 25: Hard Core Porn On Display In Check myHottie – Along With Child Photographs [Update]

August 26: This iPhone App Makes Your Pants Fall Down

August 27: Can Pictures Talk? Sure They Can With Living Photo (aka We Love Steve)

August 28: It’s Not Creepy, It’s Cool – Write Your Own Obituary With Fun Obit

August 29: iSurprise Receives An App Store F My Life – more bizarre behavior from Apple

August 30: Thank You KRAPPS Sponsors

Bonus Round
Our friend Suzi bakes sweets. Not the Toll House frozen cookie dough stuff … but those fancy shmancy designer cakes. The kind you see on the Food Network cooking channel. Anyways, Suzi is a bit of a geek and a total Apple fan-girl … so naturally she’s created some kick-ass iPhone cakes (girl’s got talent). Check out her creations below, including a killer WALL-E cake. And for even more edible temptations, visit her site

SuziSweets   wall-e-FINAL

cake1_FINAL   cake3_FINAL