iZombie T-Shirt Features Epic Zombie Apple Mashup – Available Today Only, $9

Attention all you monster Apple freaks … gotta love this! Available TODAY ONLY is the über-cool iZombie limited edition t-shirt at TeeFury. A parody of the classic iPod advertising campaign, iZombie comes complete with detached iPod-listening head, authentic green blood and a brainy apple-like logo. For only $9 (plus $2 US shipping, international shipping varies), you can display your dual affinity for Apple and zombies with this ridiculously awesome mashup.    



When questioned what inspired him to design iZombie, artist R-evolution GFX stated, “I thought of this while walking one day, seeing people shuffling along with their mp3 player of choice or other tech gadgets, oblivious to the world around them… like zombies!” LMAO, ain’t that the truth … it’s an epidemic, gadget geeks are taking over the world!

Oh and Mister Apple Lawyer … before you get your panties in a bundle … that little logo at the bottom of iZombie is NOT Apple. It’s a brain with a bite out of it … because all zombies know, brains are good eats.


Recap: Week Of May 24 – plus Jack Nicholson, Graphically Speaking

Ad-Krapps-170x170 In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

May 24: Let’s Talk About Sex Baby, The Apple Way [Video]

May 25: Emo Kill Lets Users Kill Spooky Kids With Sharp Objects

May 26: Pocket God Developers Are Obnoxious Do-Gooders

May 26: Werewolf Me – Steve Jobs & Oprah Never Looked So Good

May 27: Determined To Piss Off Customers, Developer Changes App’s Price 56 Times Within 3 Months

May 28: Apple Loses One Million As Users Create 1,000,000 AutoRingtone Ringtones


Jack Nicholson – Graphically Speaking

Starring Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise and Demi Moore … A Few Good Men is an all-time classic movie. If you haven’t seen it, do it now … if you have, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this spot-on graph by Speak1967 via Graph Jam Builder.



Apple Loses One Million As Users Create 1,000,000 AutoRingtone Ringtones

No Tie Software’s AutoRingtone service has created over ONE MILLION custom Text-To-Speech talking ringtones since November 2009. That means AutoRingtone apps have potentially cost Apple over ONE MILLION Dollars … considering that Apple charges up to $1.29 per ringtone. It’s no wonder Apple hasn’t featured the AutoRingtone app!


The AutoRingtone service enables users to create their own talking "Caller ID" ringtones, that say exactly what they want – uncensored … "Hey Mike, Steve Jobs is calling. He needs your advice yet again about a lost iPhone. Should I let it go to voicemail?"

Users can select from dozens of professional (British Man, Woman, Old Man, GPS Gal, etc.) and funny voices (Jersey Girl, Valley Girl, Space Alien). They can use nearly 200 sound effects as an introduction, to get a user’s attention. There are no limitations… users can create unlimited ringtones and ringtones are completely uncensored. Indeed, many users are taking advantage of that feature (hint, hint).


Ringtones are downloadable in both .m4r as well as .aiff format … so they can be created on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad but used on iPhones as well as other phones.

To jump on the uncensored custom ringtones ONE MILLION bandwagon, check these out:
AutoRingtone Pro [iTunes $0.99
9,999 Ringtones Uncensored Pro [iTunes $0.99]
Auto TTS Pro Text-To-Speech Ringtones [iTunes $0.99]

For more information about the AutoRingtone service, check out the hysterical video below called … AutoRingtone: Behind the Curtain.


Apple Loses Their Sense Of Humor, Rejects Lost In A Bar App

lost iPhone Gizmodo By now you’ve probably heard about the lost iPhone 4G saga – Apple employee gets drunk and loses the iPhone 4G prototype in a bar … some dude finds the lost iPhone and sells it  to Gizmodo … Gizmodo publishes the exclusive story and pictures … Apple gets pissed and Gizmodo returns the iPhone to Apple … police raid Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s home and seize computers as part of an investigation into the leak of the prototype iPhone … blah, blah, blah.

Well the kind folks at Headlight Software (developers of Knife Dancing [iTunes FREE] – the #1 game in in February 2010) thought they would lend a hand to all drunks and publish an app which would help any lost iPhone return to its rightful owner.

The concept is simple … users create a custom wallpaper for display on their iPhone’s "locked" screen. The wallpaper contains the owner’s contact information … an email or phone number … easily visible if the phone is found, even if a passcode lock is used.

Lost-In-A-Bar-1  Lost-In-A-Bar-2

Simple concept … yet brilliant. And with Apple’s track record of losing prototypes, a must buy for all employees (and part of every Apple wallpaper message should read – “$5,000 Reward For Return! No Questions Asked!”).

Now the beauty of this whole story is that Headlight Software has MAJOR BALLS. These guys developed the “recover lost iPhone” app and submitted it to Apple for approval under the name … Lost In A Bar. Below are the actual screenshots and icon (love it) submitted to Apple …



LMAO – classic stuff! Yeah, we’re sure you can guess what happens next …

Reeking of extreme arrogance and self-importance, Apple rejects the Lost In A Bar app claiming it’s “inappropriate”. WEAK … looks like the iPhone prototype was not the only thing they lost in a bar … WTF, where’s your sense of humor Apple?!? 

But drunk people rejoice! A non-offensive, positive and appropriate “recover lost iPhone”  application is already in the App Store … download Reward For Return [iTunes $0.99] and party on.

Determined To Piss Off Customers, Developer Changes App’s Price 56 Times Within 3 Months

ren-stimpy Apparently the developers at ShangLan Tech have been smoking too much weed … or they simply enjoy pissing off potential customers. We can think of no other reason to explain ShangLan’s abnormal behavior when it comes to pricing their AlbumDoodle app.

Besides the fact that AlbumDoodle’s price has ranged from $2.99 to $14.99 … the crackheads at ShangLan have changed the app’s price a whopping 56 times over the course of 84 days. So basically every day and a half, some strange bug crawls up ShangLan’s ass, provoking them to submit a price change to Apple.

And the symptoms keep getting worse … in March, AlbumDoodle’s price changed 11 times … April, 21 times … through 25 days in May, a whopping 24 changes. You would think Apple would put an end to ShangLan’s abusive behavior and set some limits to price change frequency … hell, even every other day would cut down ShangLan’s crap.

When it comes to describing ShangLan Tech (or other devs who cheat the pricing system in order to gain visibility for their apps), only one word comes to mind – iDiots!



(price history via AppShopper)

Werewolf Me – Steve Jobs & Oprah Never Looked So Good

Today we salute werewolves … the Rodney Dangerfield’s of the monster world … werewolves get no respect. Recently, werewolves have totally fallen out of vogue …replaced my the latest flavors of the month, zombies and vampires.

“MEH”, we say … “screw those trendy zombies and vampires – we’re sticking with the lady who brought us to the dame … werewolves rock!”

And what better way to celebrate werewolves than with Werewolf Me [iTunes $1.99] … the only iPhone app that will transform a face photo into a Wolf Man.



Simply upload a picture with the in-app camera or from the photo library … and in seconds your friends, family or whoever will be transformed into a super cool werewolf. The transformation can be immediate or for a more realistic approach, according to the moon phase.

werewolf-me-1  werewolf-me-2

HA … Steve Jobs and Oprah never looked so good (or the same)!


werewolf-me-6  werewolf-me-7


werewolf-me-8  werewolf-me-9

Pocket God Developers Are Obnoxious Do-Gooders

Last night Pocket God [iTunes $0.99] launched their one millionth update called … Crack Is Wack. Ok … it wasn’t Pocket God’s one millionth update, but it certainly seems that way … we stopped counting after thirty.


Crack Is Wack introduces a new god power that allows players to crack the ground underneath a pygmy. You can then drag the pygmies into the crack and be transported to an underground hellhole full of lava, bats and giant demons. Once inside this lava paradise, a new mini-game initiates called “The Runs”.

There’s some other cool stuff in the Crack Is Wack update as well … including the ability to download all in-app purchases (normally priced at 99 cents each) for FREE …


OOOPS! Well, at least we know the Pocket God developers are class acts … employing the “honesty is the best policy” no matter what the circumstance. LOL … freaking do-gooders … turn down that obnoxious halo.

(via @Clambake01 … who is busily taking advantage of this bug)

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