Apple Loses Their Sense Of Humor, Rejects Lost In A Bar App

lost iPhone Gizmodo By now you’ve probably heard about the lost iPhone 4G saga – Apple employee gets drunk and loses the iPhone 4G prototype in a bar … some dude finds the lost iPhone and sells it  to Gizmodo … Gizmodo publishes the exclusive story and pictures … Apple gets pissed and Gizmodo returns the iPhone to Apple … police raid Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s home and seize computers as part of an investigation into the leak of the prototype iPhone … blah, blah, blah.

Well the kind folks at Headlight Software (developers of Knife Dancing [iTunes FREE] – the #1 game in in February 2010) thought they would lend a hand to all drunks and publish an app which would help any lost iPhone return to its rightful owner.

The concept is simple … users create a custom wallpaper for display on their iPhone’s "locked" screen. The wallpaper contains the owner’s contact information … an email or phone number … easily visible if the phone is found, even if a passcode lock is used.

Lost-In-A-Bar-1  Lost-In-A-Bar-2

Simple concept … yet brilliant. And with Apple’s track record of losing prototypes, a must buy for all employees (and part of every Apple wallpaper message should read – “$5,000 Reward For Return! No Questions Asked!”).

Now the beauty of this whole story is that Headlight Software has MAJOR BALLS. These guys developed the “recover lost iPhone” app and submitted it to Apple for approval under the name … Lost In A Bar. Below are the actual screenshots and icon (love it) submitted to Apple …



LMAO – classic stuff! Yeah, we’re sure you can guess what happens next …

Reeking of extreme arrogance and self-importance, Apple rejects the Lost In A Bar app claiming it’s “inappropriate”. WEAK … looks like the iPhone prototype was not the only thing they lost in a bar … WTF, where’s your sense of humor Apple?!? 

But drunk people rejoice! A non-offensive, positive and appropriate “recover lost iPhone”  application is already in the App Store … download Reward For Return [iTunes $0.99] and party on.


  • Artur

    So an app that makes your iPhone fart is okay but an app that creates wallpapers is “inappropriate”
    FU Apple :/

  • very smart post, with things like these i will come more often with my iphone 😉

  • yeah, Apple didn't take too kindly to the good natured ribbing of the
    title “Lost In A Bar” … guess the truth hurts 😉

  • yeah, Apple didn't take too kindly to the good natured ribbing of the
    title “Lost In A Bar” … guess the truth hurts 😉