Nudity, Blood, Violence & Murder – Crazy Bitch Soccer Fans Love Super Streaker

Ever hear of this character, Ronaldo? He’s one of those uber-cool pricks who is commonly known by one name. Dude plays for the Spanish soccer club Real Madrid and is the highest paid soccer player in the world … $16.5 million per year. Not to mention the bastard is drop dead gorgeous, every chick digs him and he even has his own iPhone game, Ronaldo Soccerade Freestyle.

Screw pretty rich boy and his iPhone game … we have our own game. We’re going to run onto the field during the World Cup and start beating all the players over the head with a golf club. We’ll pound those stupid soccer pukes so hard they’ll all die … and the best part, we’ll be butt naked during our mass murder … YEAH!


Sounds psycho? Why sure … but it’s ok … this is an Apple approved gaming activity called Super Streaker Pro.



LMAO … now this is a lovely game! Carrying on the fine tradition of crazy bitch soccer fans (throwing urine bags, being shitfaced, starting fights, etc.), Super Streaker is a third person 3D shooting game where the player runs onto a soccer field killing World Cup players. You can either bash their brains out with a golf club, slice them up with a beer bottle, nuke ‘em with an A bomb or choose other weapons of destruction. Oh … and the best part … all this mass murders is done in the nude.



And please, don’t even think these are random generic slayings … oh no! Super Streaker allows the racist inside you to really come alive … kill Americans, Mexicans, Koreans, Italians or other nations participating in World Cup 2010.


If Super Streaker sounds over-the-top .. it is … a lot! Blood, guts, violence, gore … with a big dose of bare ass, just to be sure maximum shock value is achieved. But look … don’t even get offended by the graphic nature of Super Streaker … Apple has our back, protecting us from looking at girls in bikinis. And come on, what’s wrong with a little homicide … it’s fun to imitate this real life headline, “Fan Kills Iraqi Soccer Player As He Kicks Potential Tying Goal.” *facepalm*