Small Penis? Male Size App Will Make You Feel Better About It!

We know what you’re thinking … “what kind of whack job title is that? – my the revolutionary iPhone makes me “smaller” members (no pun intended) of the population feel good about my their penis? WTF!” Ok look, we don’t make this shit up (we couldn’t – even if we tried) … all our content is Apple-approved material. Apple said the iPhone changes everything and now that includes the way you fancy your penis … Male Size.



According to Male Size developer Seligman Ventures Ltd, studies have shown that males underestimate the size of their penis … meaning that  relaxed dick of yours is really larger than 555 million penises worldwide. And that’s the whole key to Male Size … 555 MILLION cocks. Seems like a really big number – seems like your 2½ inch flaccid penis is larger than HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dicks … and that’s nice – makes you feel good! Or that 5 inch erection … that’s an impressive boner too. Bigger than ONE HUNDRED MILLION hard-on’s … yipeee!

male-size-2  male-size-3

But alas Male Size is not a complete miracle worker. There comes a point where teeny tiny meets itsy bitsy … no app can make you feel better about a pencil dick. If your limp biscuit is under 2 inches or you sport wood below 4½ inches … sucks to be you.

male-size-4  male-size-5

We spoke Seligman Ventures about their one-of-a-kind application, specifically if they plan to support Male Size going forward. And great news … the developers are totally committed to small dicks and Male Size version 2.0 will include a handy in-app ruler. You just need to launch Male Size – touch the ruler button – whip out your …

STOP! Too Much Information! Disturbing Mental Images!

We keep picturing those poor bastards in Apple’s app approval department … testing the functionality of each app. Don’t even want to envision how they’ll go about reviewing Male Size’s penis ruler … ewww!

So moral of the story – big or small (well, especially small), lighten up on your dick and feel good about it! After all, it’s not easy being a penis … it hangs around with two nuts all the time – its next door neighbor is a real asshole – and even worse, his owner beats him!


  • That last sentence made me laugh so hard you can't even imagine xD

  • No_Tie

    I'm gonna need an iPad version for the ruler function…

  • when you say “hard” no pun intended, right 😉 sorry .. that was childish and
    immature 🙂

    thanks for the visit … be nice to your penis.

  • we knew someone was going to say that … we left the door WIDE open for
    that one 😉

    actually we were going to include a paragraph in our original/abov story
    about being over 8 inches erect and how Male Size says … get the f*ck out
    of here porn start – now you're just bragging – you don't need this app

  • MtDewed

    Did the developers go out and measure a bunch of guys … to compare to?

  • a bunch of guys? try EVERY GUY in the world! just look at the results page image 🙂

  • MexicoDelNarco

    Asian people must be proud of this app…..LOL.

  • Nice! wait how come there is no data for my size? LOL

  • oh quit bragging porn star!

  • hey! i'm big, what can i say? hehe

  • and wheres the woman's version? LMAO!! this is awesome!

  • uh, women don't have penises 😉 nah, usually the girl version follows the guys … Like with all those pickup line, virtual boyfriends, etc apps … boobies should be up shortly 🙂

  • babydick

    5″ erect is really not small. I have 3″, belonging to the smalldicks. Bot I and many smalldicks show our dicks in for men with bigger guys to see how much bigger and normal they are compared to us. So be happy if you have 5″.