Pocket God Comics Now Available – First Comic Book From An Original iPhone App

icon6 Besides the Miley Cyrus Legal Age Countdown app, one of our favorite iPhone applications is Pocket God [iTunes $0.99]. If you’re not familiar with this bestselling app … uh well … your kinda totally blowing it. Pocket God is a hilarious interactive application (filled with a ton of mini-games) where you play god and rule an island populated with primitive pygmies … being as kool or krappy as you want to your peeps. Developers Bolt Creative work their asses off keeping Pocket God fresh and fly … releasing updates every few weeks … 32 of them since Pocket God first launched 18 months ago in January 2009.

Pocket God has established a cult following and is really one of the best and original apps available in the App Store. Spend a buck – check it out … Pocket God is a must have!

But perhaps due to their attention-deficit disorder (ADD), the Pocket God developers are not satisfied working 20 hours a day to keep up with their Usain Bolt-like pace of application updates (damn, just dawned on us … Bolt Creative / Usain Bolt … coincidence? – we think not!) … nope, they had to go out and take on another HUGE project – Comic Books. Just released a few hours ago … Pocket God Comics [iTunes $0.99].



Pocket God Comics is the first original iPhone application to get its own comic book. This digital comic is the first issue in a 4-part series (perhaps even more) available for both the iPhone and iPad … additional issues will be available via in-app purchase.

Besides the historic first edition Pocket God comic, the app contains a comic shop locator … just press the button and you’ll be able to find your local comic book shops. Why would you want to do this? Because Pocket God Comics is also available as a real live comic book … the kind made out of paper and ink and you get to turn the pages (remember those?). The print version will be released shortly and run a mere $3.95. If for some reason you live in the middle of boo-foo Egypt, you can pre-order Pocket God #1 and #2 (due out Oct. 27) over at Previews World.   

pocket-god-comics-4  pocket-god-comics-3

Bolt Creative is also running a contest … one lucky bastard will win a $1,000 Apple Gift Certificate while everyone who enters the contest receives a Jet Pack unlock code. Check out the Pocket God Blog for more information.

pocket-god-comics-6  pocket-god-comics-5

Being the huge Pocket God fans we are … digital issue #1 has already been downloaded to our revolutionary iPhone 4 and magical iPad. The artwork is AMAZING, the storyline is SUPERB … 22 pages of pure Pocket God awesomeness. There really is no reason not to spend 99 cents for this historic digital issue #1 … as well as jump on the inaugural print issue. Hell, have you seen the insane price of Superman / Action Comics #1? Yeah, we’re thinking collector’s edition … Pocket God #1 + eBay = RETIREMENT!  


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