1990 vs 2010 – How Did We Survive Without The iPhone?

What a difference 20 years makes … although obviously the author of this hysterically true graphic does not own a revolutionary iPhone. If they did, steps #2, #3 and #4 would be streamlined into one and expanded to something like this …

2010 – 9:01 a.m.
Launch Shazam, discover what song is playing,
who sings it, the lyrics, artist’s biography, discography,
tour information, watch music video on YouTube four times

1990 vs 2010 final

(via MakeUseOf)


  • You know thats almost the truth. But you missed during work 1990s: you wish you could hear that song again 2010: listen to the song on repeat

  • Thatsrightitsme

    definitely forgot the “listen to song on repeat for 2 hours” “get sick of song until an hour later, then listen to it again for another 2 hours”