Essential “I’m Crushing Your Head” Functionality Now Available On iPhone With AutoCrush


I’m Crushing Your Head! … I’m Crushing Your Head!

Who doesn’t love to hold their hands up to their eyes and pretend to crush an opponent? If you remember the hysterical Head Crusher skit from the Canadian comedy group, The Kids in the Hall, you know what fun this can be.

But after a while, your hand gets tired … fingers get numb … and you lose the ability to properly deliver the flathead pinch. AutoCrush [iTunes $0.99] solves this problem and adds Pinching and Squeezing options too! Plus it’s easy on your vocal chords since you can touch anywhere in the preview area and hear over 20 funny phrases at random.



AutoCrush uses the iPhone’s built-in camera and overlays animated male or female hands crushing, pinching or squeezing. If your iDevice doesn’t have a camera, a photo of a hot chick is provided so you can crush, pinch and squeeze her all day … and she won’t complain.  So save yourself a sexual harassment claim and get your AutoCrush on!

The endless antics with AutoCrush is available for $0.99 via the App Store … and proof the fun does NOT have to stop after elementary school. Be sure to check out the AutoCrush demo video below and a classic Headcrusher skit from The Kids in the Hall.




  • No_Tie

    Thanks! It's a lot of fun! BTW, it's only $0.99 (the article states both $0.99 and $1.99 in different spots)

  • argh … our bad … it has been corrected … 99 CENTS – 99 CENTS – 99
    CENTS – 99 CENTS … AutoCrush app is only 99 CENTS.

    think the problem was that someone was crushing our head when we wrote this
    article and thus the sli