Polaroid Official iPhone App, InstantCam, Is An Embarrassing Failure

So Polaroid now has an official iPhone app … InstantCam … whoopee (it’s about time)! You would think being a pioneer in the instant camera business, Polaroid would know a thing or two about photography … but judging by their application, they don’t know squat.



Although InstantCam promises some pretty cool features … shake and blow functionality to develop your images – special effects filters – add text to photos … in reality, these “value statements” don’t mean shit as the final image output is approximately 300×300 pixels.


Not to conduct a lesson in Digital Photography 101 … but 300×300 pixels means the file size is extremely small and there’s virtually nothing you can do with it … especially printing it out. Say you want a nice 4”x6” print of the bitching picture you just created with InstantCan … forget about it! 300×300 pixels translates to a 1 inch by 1 inch print size … great for bug’s life – sucks for humans. 300×300 is so bad, this is probably the worst image output of any application in the App Store.


Apple has done a tremendous job with the iPhone’s camera. The current 5 megapixel camera generates images at 2592×1936 pixels … meaning you can comfortably print images from your iPhone in the 5”x7” to 8”x10” range. Compare that to the 99 cents InstantCam’s (LOL – yeah, it’s a paid app) 1”x1” print size, it’s easy to see why the official Polaroid application is complete KRAPPS and begs the question … why the hell did Apple even approve this garbage?

(via iPhoneography)


  • techy777

    Apparently I hear they are coming out with a better resolution in the next version to be launching shortly. The resoltution will be much higher and should blow it out of the water.

  • we certainly hope so … but like we said, why would Apple even approve this
    app in a completely useless state?

  • November is here and no update to the app. And on top of that they increased the price to $1.99. What are they thinking?

  • wow – very sad … especially from such a large and established company …


  • jojo55

    the update has been released and the app is now awesome!

  • awesome! great to hear! props to Polaroid … finally!

  • Tdarling420

    now the new update has 2100×2550 resolution on iPhone 4

  • Paulish G

    would be great if we could update this article to reflect the new update ..

  • Twinkle89

    why don't you update the article, the app is now one of the best photography apps on the app store!