Racy Pictures Of Apple Fanboy John Gruber Surface (Disturbing)

For those of you not familiar with John Gruber, he’s sort of like Kim Kardashian … a superstar celebrity … but in the geek world (Gruber is also sexier than Kardashian). He currently writes the wildly popular Daring Fireball weblog where you can discover the latest rabidly-pro Apple talking points … similar to a fanatical political site. Gruber has been described as … “The Ultimate Apple Fanboy”, “King Of The Apple Geeks” and “Apple’s Greatest Evangelist”. Hard to argue those labels, especially after seeing Gruber’s choice of swimwear. LMAO, makes a lovely wallpaper for your iPhone, don’t you think? Sooo SEXY!!



  • Dewed

    Looks like an apple inside that swimsuit too lol

  • What is this I don't even apple what Gruber?!

  • pear also comes to mind 🙂

  • huh?

  • droybal


  • Gruber?

  • Gruber


  • Dinsmoor


  • That's an apple I'd love to sink my teeth into.

  • Darkwitch

    This looks more like a SADD MAC to me !!!

  • Dewed

    Looks like that apple has a worm in it

  • LOL … pun points +1 for you 😉 ewwww!