Have Fun – Be A Turd – Play DoodleDumps For iPhone

Maybe it’s just us, but there’s something refreshing about iPhone games that incorporate turds. In the past we’ve featured PooPong (think Atari Pong with flying poop) … Bathroom Racer … and that’s about it. Our brief observation … the App Store needs more poop and less sex education. Thankfully the folks at Blast One hear us and created a new iPhone game which is hysterically entertaining … DoodleDumps [iTunes $0.99].



Now if you’re thinking DoodleDumps is just another App Store embarrassment, nothing could be further from the truth. This doodle genre game provides hours of simple – but totally addictive – gameplay … not to mention top-notch programming, a killer original soundtrack (from Jazz / Alternative Rock musician Eve Wheeler) and ridiculously comical graphics. All this DoodleDump goodness comes at the bargain price of 99 cents.


When you’ve finally had enough of being an Angry Bird or a Fruit Ninja … live a little – be a turd! DoodleDumps provides the unique opportunity of playing a piece of shit as it skids and slides down a roll of toilet paper. Your mission is to keep yourself (the poop) safe … jumping over paper gaps, dodging pesky holes and avoiding a messy “Death by Splatter” all over the bathroom floor (ouch!).

photo-111  DoodleDumps-iPhone-1111 

Along the way, you’ll be presented with a number of power ups to collect and be treated to some special game modes like the legendary “double rainbow” mode (love it when a game can cleverly incorporate an Internet meme) or the epic “angel wings mile high” mode.

DoodleDumps-iPhone-2  DoodleDumps-iPhone-3

The developers are fully committed to making DoodleDumps even more awesome as the next update will include Dueling Turds mode (slalom racing against AI players), three levels of difficulty and so much more. So it’s time to shut up Talking Carl and stop giving a rat’s ass Where’s Waldo … drop the 99 cents, download DoodleDumps and see how fun being a turd can be.


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