Warning – New Nigerian Scam

A new Nigerian scam is circulating … don’t fall for it!


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Sex Education App Uses Sexually Explicit Yet Acceptable Icon

You just never know what will get approved on the App Store …

German-based application developers, Lagenscheidt KG, have discovered the secret formula of including sexually explicit images in iPhone apps. Check out there new sex education app Sex-Deutsch



Got it? Humans having sex = not ok … Bugs having sex = ok. Because after all, how could anyone say no to boinking bugs (sooo cuuuute)?


Tie Hot Knots For iPhone – Sexy Hot Chicks Tying Knots (LMAO)

Epic – Awesome – Amazing – Incredible – Legendary … these are all adjectives that came to mind when we discovered this next App Store gem … Tie Hot Knots.


Tie Hot Knots is a useful little application … it provides instructions for tying a tie. At only 40 cents per knot, included in this $1.99 app are directions for tying FIVE classic knots (wow – bargain) … Four-In-Hand, Windsor, Prince “not the piercing” Albert, Small and Half Windsor.


Ok, whatever … another “how to tie a tie” application … NOT! It has HOT chicks … you’ll get all hot and bothered just by reading the app’s description …


Simple and sexy step-by-step instructions on how to tie a tie.

Tie Hot Knots brings you photos of beautiful women showing you how to tie a tie. All the classic tie knots presented the way you want. No more fat guys with chubby hands when you want to get ready for that big meeting or interview. Let the hands, lips, and hips of ladies guide you to step up your game with a fresh knot.

tie-hot-knots-6  tie-hot-knots-7

tie-hot-knots-3  tie-hot-knots-5

LMAO … but seriously, we don’t think Tie Hot Knots was meant to be a joke. We mean come on, LOOK AT THOSE HOT CHICKS! So hot, the developer couldn’t show their entire face and had no other option than to show Chop Chop Hot Chicks … smokin’ sexy.

Epic? Awesome? Amazing? Incredible? Legendary? Our bad. Make that … KRAPPtastic – KRAPPorama – KRAPPilicious … any way you describe it, it’s just plain KRAPP.


tie hot knots iphone

Katie Price Launches Custom iPod Line Dressed In Bizarre iPod Outfit – plus Recap Week Of August 16

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

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August 20: Convert Your iPhone Into A Nintendo Game Boy With Hard Shell Case From iPWN [Giveaway]

August 21: The Gravedigger For iPhone – Human Or Zombie, Who Will You Be?


Find The iPods On Katie Price

Former glamour model, Playmate and current British celebrity Katie Price (aka Jordan) launched her new line of custom iPods the other day. To commemorate the occasion, Katie showed up at a London press event dressed in a strange alien-like catsuit … complete with an iPod tiara, iPod Nano earrings and a Shuffle resting peacefully in her cleavage. Below are unaltered images of this “unique” ensemble. See if you have better luck than us in spotting the Apple accessories … we can only make out BREASTS.   

katie-price-91  katie-price-88



The Gravedigger For iPhone – Human Or Zombie, Who Will You Be?

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)


When I first heard that there was a game called The Gravedigger [iTunes $1.99], I presumed it to be monster truck rally kind of thing.  Then I heard that the game was developed by a group from Brazil and it features zombies which really piqued my interest.  Reading the description, I learned that you can play either as the humans or the zombies, so when I fired up the game for the first time, I decided to go the undead route.  This is accomplished by choosing the gravedigger’s side (vs the priest’s).


Choose quick game to get a feel for the controls with a simple goal: kill the priest before his followers kill the gravedigger.  The zombies fare better when they attack in groups, so you’ll want to build up a few before you send them off against the club, torch and gun wielding humans.  The gravedigger makes new zombies by tending to his graveyard, giving them a help up out if the ground.  You can also make new zombies by killing a human and turning them.  The priest appears to make new followers by visiting their homes and reading the bible to them.


In campaign mode, you are given a series of tasks to complete for each level.  In this mode, you can also recruit additional zombies by hanging around outside their houses.  I guess the inhabitants just all of a sudden up and decide to turn, because they’ll come out of the house ready for action.  If you don’t get to the house in time, you get angry mobs armed to the teeth instead.  In later rounds, your zombie minions will auto-attack anything that comes near, so you’ll need to pay attention or they will quickly get themselves into trouble.


The art and music for this game is top notch, but the gameplay feels a little clunky at times and a bit repetitive.  After playing several rounds, I expected to encounter new characters or at least new abilities and power-ups. The Gravedigger is available for $1.99 via the App Store.


Convert Your iPhone Into A Nintendo Game Boy With Hard Shell Case From iPWN [Giveaway]

iPWN-1 Introduced in 1989, the 8-bit handheld video game device Nintendo Game Boy is totally cool. What’s even cooler is jumping into a hot tub time machine and turning your revolutionary iPhone into a Game Boy … with a brand new hard shell case from iPWN.

Now you may recall other Gameboy covers for the iPhone … but they’re all the “peel and stick” type skins. iPWN is the first to offer a hard shell Game Boy case … appealing to those with no skills and in need of a bit more protection. But similar to skins … this case is slim, sleek and oh so retro sexy.

Besides kick ass looks (the 8-bit Apple logo is genius), what we love about the iPWN Game Boy case is its QPR … quality-price-ratio. For only $14.99 (US customers + shipping … Canada $20 – others $25), you’ll receive an affordable hard shell protective case created with the new, high quality, IML (In Mold Labeling) technology … a three layer process. The bottom layer contains a polyurethane plastic mold to protect your phone, while the second layer houses the retro print of the Game Boy. The last layer protects the case’s design from fading and will resist damage. These three layers keep the case lightweight, with improved appearance and stain resistance. See … told you it was a bargain at $14.99 … we like bargains – and turtles!


Currently the iPWN hard shell Gameboy (WTH, is it Gameboy or Game Boy?) case is only available for iPhone 3G and 3GS … but iPhone 4, iPad and iPod models are coming soon.

To order your $14.99 retro sexy Game Boy case, visit iPWN’s website … or you if you prefer, you can go the Etsy route. Got iPhone 4? … click this special link to leave your email and be notified when the iPhone 4 version becomes available.

GIVEAWAY – 5 Game Boy iPhone Cases From iPWN

iPWN was kind enough to give us five Game Boy hard shell cases … we are kind enough to give them to five lucky KRAPPS viewers (assuming you have a 3G or 3GS). To enter the giveaway, tweet the following by 11:59pm PST Monday, August 23:

GIVEAWAY –> Enter to win a Nintendo Game Boy iPhone hard shell case! Visit @KRAPPS for details http://krps.us/cIzZzC

5 winners will be chosen randomly from entries and announced via Twitter on Tuesday, August 24. Follow us on Twitter – @KRAPPS – so that we can notify you via direct message if you win and get your shipping address. One entry per Twitter account. Good luck!

Awesome Grid-Style iPhone iOS 4 Wallpaper With An Obvious Twist [Download]

obvious-grid-iphone-wallpap Because we love our users so much (a borrowed line from Steve Jobs), our never-ending quest for unique iOS 4 iPhone 4 home screen wallpapers continues. We search the Internet high and low (dodging those nasty malware-infected p0rn sites), trying to identify and present super cool wallpapers that have yet to be discovered by other websites … sort of like that Threadless t-shirt which proclaims, “I Listen To Bands That Don’t Even Exist Yet.”

Today’s selection takes us to the land of raw fish, anime and perverted vending machines … Japan. Web designer Halu Kobayashi has taken the fairly common grid-style wallpaper and added his own unique twist. Although some may think Kobayashi is simply stating the grass is green … we say, “no duh” and proudly present his awesome Captain Obvious wallpaper. Enjoy!

[Download directly to iPhone’s camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save] 

grid display iphone wallpaper

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