Amazing – Mishka The Talking Husky Dog Sings Using iPad [Video]

Meet Mishka … a handsome 8-year-old Siberian Husky from the United States. But Mishka is no ordinary dog. Far from it – this is a talking dog! Heck, even better … Mishka is a talented singing Husky who puts most of today’s pop artists to shame <Bieber>.

With help from the magical iPad and the La Di Da application, Mishka the Talking Husky performs an auto-tuned canine classic that’s sure to make more than a few bubble gum artists <Bieber> a run for their money. Check out Master Mishka at work …


And speaking of a run for their money … Mishka’s pop single Mishka’s Song, just dropped on iTunes this week. At 99 cents, we hope Mishka’s Song will gross more than that annoying teenage freak’s <Bieber> sorry excuse for music.

ROCK ON MISHKA … next stop = Glee!


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Orgasm Videos – The Ultimate In App Store Deception

Now granted, in most cases you should probably know better … but we just have to scratch our heads at the misleading shit Apple is allowing into the App Store. Steve Jobs keeps proclaiming … “We Love Our Users”. Yeah … sure thing Steve, we love you too … thanks for having our back!

For $1.99, the Orgasm Videos application (yes, this is a real app) promises just that … orgasm videos. It comes heavily branded with “WARNING – FOR ADULTS ONLY – 17+” disclaimers and descriptive text that reads like the cover of a Kim Kardashian sex tape …

Includes Actual Videos!!!

Orgasm Videos includes quality videos with quality audio.

Watch these videos for your own pleasure!



Holy Big O, Batman! How can any red-blooded manly man resist such temptations as … Clitoral Orgasm videos – Female Ejaculation videos – or Multiple Orgasm videos? And there’s so much more the developers CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE!!!


Now you know that expression … if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Well it applies perfectly to the Orgasm Videos application nonsense. So before curiosity kills the kinky cat and wastes its two dollars … Orgasm Videos is simply a collection of publically available YouTube videos in which middle age women sit around and talk about sex.


Haha – as misleading as this may sound, Apple indeed loves you … sucka!

Apple Reverses Its “ No Religious Humor” Policy, Approves Jesus Jump!

me-so-holy-iphone In May 2009, shortly after receiving extremely bad press in regards to the Baby Shaker application, Apple rejected an iPhone app called Me So Holy. The app would have enabled users to superimpose their faces on images of religious figures like Jesus, the Pope, Mother Teresa and others. Me So Holy was rejected based on Section 3.3.12 of the iPhone SDK agreement …

“Applications must not contain any obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory content or materials of any kind … that in Apple’s reasonable judgment may be found objectionable by iPhone or iPod Touch users.”

LMAO … boy how times have changed! Doing a 180 reversal on their previous “No Religious Humor” policy, Apple has approved the first app which uses Jesus outside of serious religious context … Jesus Jump.



From the makers of such fine applications such as Fail Tattoos, Justin Bieber Fashion and Banned Wedding Portraits … Jesus Jump is yet another Doodle Jump-like game staring Jesus as the main character. The game’s objective is simple, help Jesus bounce his way  into Heaven. Per the app’s description …

On the third day, Jesus resurrected and floated into the sky to his kingdom in Heaven.


Now you can help Jesus get to heaven! Tilt your iPhone/iPod/iPad left or right to move Jesus through the clouds. While making his way to Heaven, you can find bonus items to achieve a higher score! Don’t let Jesus fall or the game is over!

jesus-jump-3  jesus-jump-4

So now that it’s clear (we use the term loosely – with Apple nothing is clear) religious humor is no longer considered blasphemy or offensive by Apple … does this mean the return of Me So Holy and a wave of other divine parodies? Only time will tell WWSJD?

Promiscuous Sex Now Convenient As Apple Approves Swingers Club Locator

Back in July 2009, Apple approved the first strip club locator application, Gentleman’s Club Finder. These days, using your iPhone to find adult entertainment is easier than Craigslist … as there are plenty of apps which help you discover the nearest nudie bar.

But gosh darn, strip clubs can get so boring and soon enough, you’ll be longing for something more kinky. Good news … Apple hears you … and over the weekend, they decided to kink it up a notch by approving the Swingers Club app.



Catering to couples and singles, Swingers Club is the first and only swingers club finder in the App Store. For a mere $3.99, you’ll receive access to hundreds of clubs in all 50 States. Addresses, phone numbers, websites and more … all critical information is listed in Swingers Club, including rules and descriptions of each “lifestyle establishment” so you know exactly what to expect when arriving at the “social gathering”.

swingers-club-iphone-3  swingers-club-iphone-4

Looking to hook up and engage in sexual activities like wife swapping, group sex or promiscuous activities? Oh you filthy feline … now there’s an app for that!

This Is A MacBook, Literally – plus Recap Week Of September 20

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

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September 24 – Woman Uses iPhone To Determine “Quality” Of Her Boobs [Video]

September 25 – Bacon, Lifesaver & Half Circuit – Random iPhone iOS 4 Wallpaper 3-Pack [Download]


A Literal MacBook


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Bacon, Lifesaver & Half Circuit – Random iPhone iOS 4 Wallpaper 3-Pack [Download]

Our latest selections of iOS 4 iPhone 4 home screen wallpapers may seem random, but … uh … hmmm … oh, what the heck – they are random. Call them super cool random iPhone iOS 4 wallpapers. All are 640×960 in size so they look killer on your home screen.

[Download directly to iPhone’s camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]

Bacon – no iPhone is complete without at least one bacon wallpaper … this is the first bacon-themed home screen wallpaper we’ve seen, so naturally we had to grab it.

Bacon iPhone Wallpaper

Lifesaver – if you haven’t heard, apps are crappy swimmers … keep them safe!


Half Circuit – the previous “full” circuit board wallpapers we presented were wildly popular … we think this version is pretty tight as well.


Woman Uses iPhone To Determine “Quality” Of Her Boobs [Video]

Back in May, we featured an iPhone app which analyzes sound to determine the ripeness of watermelons. Using the iWatermelon Deluxe application, simply place the iPhone onto the melon … and tap its rind three times. iWatermelon Deluxe will then analyze the resulting sound using a unique custom made formula for determining watermelon quality.


iWatermelon3  iWatermelon4

Four months later, new evidence has been discovered … apparently iWatermelon Deluxe works on boobs as well.


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