Free Full Version ‘Word Driven’ iPhone Game Using Our Secret Code ($2 Value)

In case you didn’t receive the memo … exercising your brain is good thing. Similar to the rest of your body, it is a case of “use it or lose it” with your brain’s muscle. So to help you avoid becoming the next Lindsay Lohan <dumb – dumb – dumb>, we present the P90X of iPhone apps … Word Driven [iTunes FREE].


Word Driven is a simple yet challenging word puzzle game, unique to the App Store. You are presented with 3 letters with the objective of creating a word using those 3 letters … in the same order. For example, given the letters “SPR” … you could create SPIDER. Letters “SYS” can result in SYSTEMATIC.

word-driven-iphone-2  word-driven-iphone-3

The longer the word, the more points you get … ENTERTAINMENT scores higher than BENT when using the 3 letters “ENT”. Get it? See, it’s easy … but can get totally challenging as Word Driven has four difficulty levels. At the hardest difficulty setting, Word Driven is one of the most challenging word games – ever.

word-driven-iphone-4  word-driven-iphone-5

Controls, game music, graphics and user interface are all top-notch and extremely polished. Word Driven is so kick ass, it was featured by Apple as a “New and Noteworthy” application. We love the fact that Word Driven is OpenFeint Enabled … satisfying our competitive juices as we compare our scores to folks worldwide. And to make Word Driven even more entertaining, you can play either the Race Mode (get as many points as you can before time runs out) or Road Trip (play at leisure, additional penalties applied). Oh … and did we mention all this Word Driven epicness is FREE?


FREE is nice, but will only take you so far. Via a $1.99 in-app purchase, players can unlock additional game levels and difficulty settings. But before you frown at a measly 199 cents, Word Driven contains SwappIt code technology … meaning when you make the in-app purchase, you’ll receive a code … give that SwappIt code to a friend and they will be able to receive the $1.99 worth of upgrades for FREE. It’s sort of like a “buy one, get one free” special … and good for karma. No other developers use such revolutionary technology … they should … because it’s uniquely super cool!

word-driven-iphone-6F  word-driven-iphone-7

*** Free Full Version Of Word Driven To All KRAPPS Viewers ($1.99 value) *** 
Big shouts to the folks at Headlight Software who were kind enough to create a secret uber SwappIt code exclusively for our viewers … allowing you to download all game levels and difficulty setting for free. Simply CLICK HERE to download the free Word Driven app. Within the SwappIt screen, enter the secret uber code … KRAPPS.COM … press “Done” and voila … the full version of Word Driven has been unlocked and ready for your P90X brain workout. Enjoy!

Intense. Violent. Extreme. – Cage Fighting Marshmallow Peeps Brawl In New App

Three words – Cage. Fighting. Chicks.

No, not those kind of chicks … Apple banned overtly sexual apps. We’re talking the marshmallow kind, better known as … peeps. So piss off MMA, UFC and all you other cage fighting acronyms … there’s a new game in town that’ll kick your pansy ass! FCU has arrived … Fighting Chicks Unlimited [iTunes $0.99].


Rarely do we come across an application that has the drama, suspense and excitement as Fighting Chicks Unlimited. The action is intense, the violence borders disturbing … FCU is pure, raw and epic awesomeness.


FCU is a universal application (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad friendly = more bang for your buck) in which marshmallow peeps fight for your entertainment in a caged arena. Prior to the match, the player reviews each peeps’ “tale of the tape” … analyzing height, reach, odds and other applicable fighting factors (geeks should love this kind of statistical analysis). Once this data is considered, the player picks a peep to win and enters the amount of their wager (gambling is legal in FCU).



Once bets have been placed, it’s SHOWTIME! Round and round these crazed steroid-taking marshmallows go (roids are legal in FCU) … battling each other until one explodes or tips over. Last peep intact or standing is declared the winner. Bet right, you win … bet wrong, you suck and your bankroll takes a beat down.    



What we love about Fighting Chicks Unlimited is that there are no other apps like it (original / unique point +1) … and at 99 cents, FCU is a knock out bargain. But words really can’t describe something so insane and legendary as Fighting Chicks Unlimited. Tthat’s why there’s a game action video about half and inch below. Push play … be amazed … then buy the one-of-a-kind app and feel the adrenaline rush. PEEPS!


From The Projects To Your iPhone – Four FREE ‘Bed Intruder Song’ Apps [Downloads]

antoine-dodson Last July … in Huntsville, Alabama, there was an attempted rape. Kelly Dodson was sleeping in her bed and when she woke up, there was an intruder laying next to her. Kelly screamed … her brother, Antoine Dodson, rushed to her aid and scuffled with the intruder before the pig escaped through the window. Antoine was rightfully pissed as hell and in a television interview with the local news, he totally went off … sending an important message to his community and the attacker.

From Antoine’s interview, The Gregory Brothers created the “Bed Intruder Song” in their famous Auto-Tune The News style. The music video became an overnight Internet sensation. “Bed Intruder Song” has been viewed nearly 24 million times on YouTube … peaked at #89 in the Billboard Hot 100 … and with part of the proceeds going to Antoine, he now has enough money to move his family to a new house in a safer neighborhood – AWESOME! 


And now Antoine is appearing on the iPhone with four new FREE soundboard apps … commemorating his classic lines from the interview: “He’s climbin in your windows
He’s snatchin your people up” – “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife” – “You are so dumb,
You are really dumb.”

None of the Bed Intruder apps are earth-shattering … however they do provide solid comedic value at a price that can’t be beat. So don’t be dumb – so dumb, so dumb. Put some Antoine in your pocket and download all 4 apps for FREE … run and tell dat, homeboy! 

Bed Intruder [iTunes FREE]



Bed Intruder Soundboard – The Best Of [iTunes FREE]



Talking Antoine [iTunes FREE]



Bed Intruder Soundboard [iTunes FREE]



Pocket God Honors Its Fans With Hysterical ‘Update Song’ [Music Video]

On January 9, 2009, developers Dave Castelnuovo and Allan Dye released Pocket God. Little did they know that Pocket God would skyrocket them into App Store glory … but at the same time, jacked up their life forever.


When Pocket God was first released 20 months ago, Dave and Allan embarked on an insane journey. They basically became monks (or addicts) … locking themselves indoors, working on Pocket God 24/7 and releasing new updates EVERY WEEK. This insane pace continued month after month after month. Naturally since Dave and Allan are only human, the updates slowed a tad … but still, the amount of new material Pocket God has received over the past 20 months is astonishing … 33 updates!


Now the problem is that when you publish such frequent updates, people start expecting (demanding) it at the regular intervals. When Dave and Allan are “late” with an update, the Pocket God world is turned upside down and fanboys cry <bitch – bitch – bitch> …

Where Is The Update? – Give Us The Update! – We Want The Update Now!

LMAO … gotta love the passion, enthusiasm and fanaticism of Pocket God followers. And what better way to honor these insane and awesome Pocket God fans than through song? Dave and Allan teamed up with singer-songwriter Jonathan Mann (of “The iPhone Antenna Song” and “That’s Just The Woz” fame) to produce the hilarious “Pocket God Update Song” … featuring the only boy band that doesn’t suck – the Pigmy Boy Band.


(and yeah … where the hell are those overtly sexual female pygmies Dave/Allan? … we want them now! … bitch – bitch – bitch)


ShamWow Guy Pimps Eminem’s “Recovery” To Success – plus Recap Week Of September 13

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

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September 17: Clever Window-Themed iPhone iOS 4 Wallpapers Fight Evil [Download]

September 18: The Gods Must Be Lazy [Godville iPhone Game Review]


ShamWow Guy Pimps Eminem’s “Recovery” Album

American rapper Eminem has been blowing up this year thanks to his hit album “Recovery”. Released on June 21, “Recovery” is the fifth-best selling album of 2010 in the US, with two Billboard #1 singles. As of August 1, Eminem’s “Recovery” album has sold 1.83 million copies worldwide.

So what’s the secret to Eminem’s success? You would think a combination of talent, hard work and luck … but you’d be wrong. It’s all about the ShamWow Guy and the hysterical “Recovery” infomercial. Check it (bummer, the ShamPon is already sold out) …


The Gods Must Be Lazy [Godville iPhone Game Review]

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)

I picked up Godville when it first came out back in July (it’s free — iTunes link — so there is absolutely no barrier to entry), set up my deity account, crafted my hero and then promptly forgot about it. Perhaps I should have stretched the whole process out over 6 or 7 days – maybe then I would have had an inclination to meddle more in the affairs of men.



So, fast-forward to about three weeks ago (yes, I am asking you to fast-forward into the past, McFly), when my brother-in-law asked me "Have you played Godville?" After my quick retort of "Has anybody *really* played Godville?" I pulled up the app and lo and behold, my hero had been slaving like a Working Class Dog. So, I tossed him an encouragement and a punishment, ’cause I don’t need him going all soft on me and then read through his diary. As far as I can piece together (hey, the app doesn’t bestow omniscience, it’s free — iTunes link — remember) my hero, Dread Pirate Roberts, has been wandering the countryside, handing out cans of throwback whoop-ass to over fifteen hundred monsters, grabbing fistfuls of loot and yes, even dying 4 times (so it is quite possible he is now a zombie).


Some of the diary entries are quite funny. The player community’s suggestions and ideas are incorporated into the game’s text, so you’re not likely to see the same thing over and over. My current stats show that my hero belongs to the Zombie Hunter guild. I don’t recall choosing this, but it seems appropriate given my appreciation for all things zombie. At some point, my guild was Sweet Dreams, I can guarantee I didn’t choose that one.


The update that was just released last week adds several new features, including making the app Universal. I just loaded it onto my iPad and it puts the extra screen space to good use, combining several screens from the iPhone version into one. Another new feature just added is the GodWiki where you can get extra information related to the game.

The app is also available in Russian where it is called: Годвилль – I was hoping this was the Russian word for FartApp, but alas it is simply Godville. [iTunes Free]

Clever Window-Themed iPhone iOS 4 Wallpapers Fight Evil [Download]

dr-evil “An evil person is like a dirty window, they never let the light shine through.”
– William Makepeace Thackeray

Meh – evil people suck! So as Thackeray suggests … keep your window clean.

In efforts to make you a nicer, kinder and gentler person … we present a pair of squeaky CLEAN window iOS 4 iPhone 4 home screen wallpapers. Choose the starry night or sunny day version … where each of your application icons will rest peacefully within a window pane (clever).


As usual … all wallpapers are 640×960 in size so they look killer on your home screen.

[Download directly to iPhone’s camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]

iphone window wallpaper

iphone window wallpaper 2

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