All You Zombies, Show Your Faces [Zombie Escape Review]

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)


Developed by Viqua Games and released by Chillingo a few months ago, Zombie Escape [iTunes $0.99] is a line-drawing game with enough additional plot elements to keep it interesting for a short time. The premise is simple and well established: guide the humans to the helicopters before they become lunch for the undead horde that mills about, ravenous with an ever-present hunger.

The first few levels are extremely easy, with each one introducing something new: a new weapon, a new type of zombie, a new rule, etc. By level 7, things start to get tricky, since you have to call in the helicopters yourself. After level 8, you will also unlock a survival mode.


For weapons you have access to snipers, bombs and meat. Yes, it appears the zombies are partial to sirloin and can be effectively distracted by a nice prime rib or filet mignon. Hey, where to I sign up to be a zombie and get some of the primo grub?


You earn money by completing the levels with flair: kill extra zombies, don’t lose any humans, you get the picture. Between levels, you use your loot to upgrade your weapons and believe me, you’re going to need the extra firepower in the higher levels.


A quick check of the iTunes reviews for the game reveals some disgruntled users, mainly due to crashing. Playing on my lowly 3G, I found that I needed to start the game with a freshly rebooted device to have a satisfactory experience. The game utilizes the Crystal system for online scoring.

Even if it’s not top shelf in the graphics or sound departments, the game is certainly worth the 99 cents you will shell out. Sure, there are better line-drawing games and better zombie games out there, but it will take some doing to complete the later levels.