LOL Collection Of Hilarious iPhone-Related Cartoons

If you have any bit of geek in you … then you must check out the very cool design and web-development website Smashing Magazine. More specifically and for some geek humor, check out the Smashing Cartoons section filled with clever and hysterical commentary about the current geek world.

Below are a few of our favorite cartoons … iPhone-related, of course.

This one seems a little harsh. Sure chicks dig us because we use the iPhone … but the real reason for ownership is the bajillion fart apps (and the Butt Scan app, of course!).


Since you’re already here, you should be well aware that the App Store has its fair share of problems with stupid, strange and overtly sexual applications. But rest assured, this is nothing compared to what goes on in the Android Market. Here’s one of the tamer examples … Masturbator Pro – the description reads: “With Masturbator Pro your cellphone becomes an excellent self-pleasure tool. You just need to start the program, set the vibration type to Continuous, Alternating or Random, and that’s it!”


Apple’s stock is at an all-time high … the iPad is a huge financial success and causing PC market pain … zombie loyal fanboys keep camping in overnight lines to secure the latest iPhone edition. Yeah, pretty much anything Apple touches turns to gold … so this scenario would certainly not be surprising.