New Angry Birdz Game Cons Its Way Into App Store – See What They Did There?

Crappy knock-offs can be quite comical. A simple letter change produces hysterical as … “Dolce & Banana” – “Adidaz” – “Cerona” – “Numa”.

dolce-and-banana  adidaz

numa  cerona-beer

Now you would expect to see these counterfeit brands traveling through Southeast Asia … but certainly not in the Apple controlled App Store, right? Haha … guess again! “Doodle Jumper” – “Doodle Drop” – “Pocket Devil” … and more, all approved by the keen folks at Apple (who apparently are not concerned with copyright infringements in their Thailand-like App Store).



But why stop at Doodle Jump and Pocket God? If you’re trying to profit from someone’s App Store fame, choose the best-selling mobile game ever – Angry Birds. Totally makes $en$e … just change one letter and Apple approves … Angry Birdz. [Calling dibs now -> Fruit Ninjaz, Kut The Rope and Tetriz]



“The all new Angry Birdz app is here!” … like it’s a bitching upgraded version of the real Angry Birds or something … LOL.

Or better yet … how about this gem from the app’s description …


LMAO – nah, no coincidence at all … naming your game almost exactly after the most popular App Store game ever. Yeah, thanks for the reassurance Dolce & Banana!

It looks like Apple has pulled Angry Birdz for the second time already. We’re not exactly sure about the logic of allowing Angry Birdz back into the App Store, but that’s exactly what happened. The app was launched on Nov. 12 for the bargain price of $9.99. Pulled a few hours later … but reappeared on Nov. 14 at $0.99. Now Angry Birdz is gone … and following Apple’s brilliance, will probably be back shortly as a free app.

And in case you missed this wonderful scam and chance to throw away your money … below are a couple more blatant Angry Birds rip-offs … “Angry Solider” and “The Angry Bird”.