Developer Slams Angry Birds & Doodle Jump To Help Promote App

Memo to developers … choose your words wisely. Slamming someone else’s application and customers within your app’s description makes you look like a TOTAL ASS …



This is not Doodle Jump or Angry Birds
but a serious app for success!

Ouch … boy those God’s-gift-to-earth ABuzz developers really know how to stick it to us childish loser gamers.


  • Dewed

    I bet the dev included that, so it would show up on searches.

    It's like indie music sites, where under “similar artists” they list every band they can think of, for that same reason. It's annoying.

  • agreed … a keyword whore 🙂

  • I think I might make a video about this….slamming this developer into the ground…

  • LOL … that would be classic

  • 🙂