Those Birds May Be Angry, But These Trucks Are Evil [Trucks and Skulls Review]

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)


I am enamored with the physics shooter puzzle type of game and Appy Entertainment has delivered a whole lotta love in spades with whipped cream on top for their recent releases of Trucks and Skulls [iTunes $0.99] / Trucks and Skulls HD [iTunes $1.99].  The premise is that the player is given a set of trucks to decimate the smirking skulls.  Why?  Why Not, I say.  Each truck has a particular set of characteristics and using them to the best of their abilities is key to scoring big.  Varying the power and angle of the delivery are the only controls to master.


Like most games these days, the player is given a few easy levels to get their sea legs, but the puzzles ramp up in difficulty after that.  With each successive level, new concepts are added: some are new defenses for the skulls and some are new types of trucks to counteract those defenses.

At first, it makes sense to have the trucks flying through the air at the targets.  About eight levels in I looked at the screen and thought it would make more sense for the truck to travel over the ground.  Sure enough, I just pointed the launcher at it’s lowest possible angle and voila, the truck sped off as trucks often do.  It was at this point that I was hooked.  Appy has delivered a game that gets high marks in my book for originality and attention to detail.


OK, so what’s different between the iPhone and iPad versions?  Plenty, as I soon found out.  While the standard game is quite enjoyable on the iPhone, the HD version really shines on the iPad.  View the game field big and bold, or pinch it down to get the full picture.  And then there’s the level editor… Yes, you heard me correctly… a level editor.  Build your own dastardly creations and share them with others.


This is the first game I’ve seen that has a screenshot button as well.  When you take a screenshot this way, it gets a cool frame and you can share it with your friends.  Of course, bold visuals need bold music and the screaming guitar soundtrack fits right in as you travel from Hell’s Highway to the Haunted Wasteland.  At 99 cents [iTunes] for the iPhone and $1.99 [iTunes] for the iPad, these games are a screaming deal, firing on all cylinders.


  • It's a great game! 🙂

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    That looks pretty wild!

  • Trucks & Skulls by Appy Entertainment looks BADA$$!!!

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    trucks and skulls are cool

  • Trucks & Skulls are cool

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    Trucks and Skulls are cool!

  • “Trucks & Skulls are cool”

  • Trucks and skulls are amazing!

  • Looks amazing. tweeted @portionforfox.

  • I have been talking up this game to everyone I see that has an iOS device. This game is flat out fantastic (I hope that came across in my review).

  • Loved the video. I hope I win. On twitter @anndreilla.

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    “Trucks & Skulls are cool”

  • coming from you (a pain in the ass to impress), this compliment is HUGE!!!!


  • coming from you (a pain in the ass to impress), this compliment is HUGE!!!!


  • Looks amazing! I hope I win the HD version! Thanks.

  • “Trucks & Skulls rock”

  • “Trucks & Skulls rock”

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    Trucks & Skulls rock

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    Trucks & Skulls rock