Do Want: Plants vs. Zombies Toys

One of our favorite pastimes (besides scouring the fringes of the App Store in search of the krappiest apps) is collecting iPhone related items. Over the past few years, we’ve stockpiled all sorts of eclectic novelties … Pocket God figurines, Angry Birds plush toys, Steve Jobs dolls, No Tie Software t-shirts, Poop The World toilet paper and so much more.

And now, thanks to the keen eye of our friends at iPhone Savior, we’ll be adding some Plants vs. Zombies figurines to our ever-growing collection.

plants vs zombies toy 2

With ninja-like skills, Etsy member AllWithHand produced these handmade Plants vs. Zombies characters from polymer clay … and they simply rock!

There are fifteen figurines available at prices ranging from $152 for the complete set … to $80 for a set of six … or $18 per individual character. You’ll find all your favorite Plants vs. Zombies friends like Sun Flower, Pea Shooter, Thunder-shroom or that pain-in-the-ass to kill Football Zombie.

plants-vs-zombies-toy-4  plants-vs-zombies-toy-6

plants-vs-zombies-toy-3  plants-vs-zombies-toy-5

Bravo AllWithHand … you just put a huge dent in our Christmas shopping list … loving it!


  • These are awesome bcuz they can actually be used outside in your garden or yard

    unlike the pvz plush toys.. but HEY!! you can cuddle and squeeze those!