Be Free Of Tangled Earphones, Check Out Zipbuds -plus Recap Week Of December 13

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Zipbuds … Tangle-Resistant Earbuds

Tangled earphones suck! Tangled earphones begone! Check out these new tangle-resistant earbuds by DGA called Zipbuds. Pretty clever idea using a plastic zipper to prevent the cords from tangling. Zipbuds are available for $40 and come in a variety of color combinations … black, white, pink and blue. Good stuff … we’re down for a pair … plus as the video shows, chicks dig them!




(via Toxel)


  • These are the perfect ear buds for easy listening. You can easily use it while exercising at the gym, studying or traveling. You can have a variety of colors in these ear-buds which make them very good-looking.

  • hagsie

    Actually I don’t like these kind earphones! I prefer other stuff!

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