Our Mind Is In The Gutter After Viewing ‘A French Hot Dog’ App [Video]

It all started out so innocently … we came across the free A French Hot Dog [iTunes] iPhone app and were intrigued by its epicurean significance.



The French hot dog goes like this … a piece of bread (like a baguette) is hollowed out. A hot dog / sausage is inserted into the cavity and topped with ketchup, mustard or even cheese. It’s a very popular street food in France and many other European countries.


So A French Hot Dog app is a tribute to this delicacy. It contains images and facts about the French hot dog, as well as an interactive “experience” where the user strokes the hot dog up and down, up and down.

Just check out the demo video we created … hopefully we’re not the only ones whose mind ended up in the gutter.




  • Duncan Chester Percy Dexter

    Hah! I like that it's also rated 17+. Also check out Frank The Hot Dog as I don't think it's ever been featured on this site


  • LOL … yeah, why is an innocent hot dog app rated 17+ … WTF Apple?

    Great call … That app is coming up tomorrow!