Frank The Hot Dog, Proof Developers Shouldn’t Work While On Drugs [Video]

Apparently the folks at CarrotCorp didn’t get the memo that it’s not exactly a good idea to work while high on drugs. If you choose to partake in crack, cannabis, meth or whatever mind-altering substance of choice … you end up developing iPhone apps like CarrotCorp’s Frank The Hot Dog.


Frank The Hot Dog is a talking wiener … hahaha? You can put ketchup or mustard on Frank, eat him … and that’s pretty much it.

frank-hot-dog-iphone-2  frank-hot-dog-iphone-3

The app costs 99 cents and is supported by ads … huh? Well actually sometimes the app is supported by ads … and sometimes it’s not (see photos one inch above). In those instances when the app feels like displaying an ad, it’s all very random. Sometimes across the top of the screen (sort of) – sometimes through the middle. It’s like a crapshoot of ads.

frank-hot-dog-iphone-4  frank-hot-dog-iphone-5

User reviews have described Frank The Hot Dog as “Beyond Brainless”, “Stupid” and a “Sad Waste Of Electrons”. After checking out the demo video below, we think these reviews are way too kind (then again, we are completely sober at the moment).



  • Justin

    I think the people posting the AppStore reviews are just about as brainless as the devs for actually BUYING the app. =P

  • LOL – true – that's have the fun, reading the user reviews 🙂

  • Duncan Chester Percy McDexter

    We're not being brainless: we're just simply curiously curious,

    I got the app before they implemented ads. It really sucks that this verison sucks. Have a happy Krappy New Year!

  • Ben

    Pathetic application. I though apple had some
    control over what constitutes a legit “application.”
    This is not. Must have be programmed by a two
    year old, going on 1.

  • Yeah, it's even more comical when Apple made a big stink & proclaimed they will no longer approve “amateur hour” apps.