Tickle The Baby App – Cute Or Creepy?

Sort of like the cow milking game we featured … the faster you tickle the baby, the higher your score. Hmmm … Tickle The Baby iPhone app … cute or creepy?



And didn’t we read somewhere that excessive tickling is a form of torture. Hmmm … Tickle The Baby iPhone app … cute or creepy?


Steve Jobs Is A Jew In Jew Booth App

Every now and then, we think to ourselves … sure wish we could add a little Jewish to our life. But rather than hopping on a plane to Israel or New York City, we settle for matzo ball soup at our local kosher deli.

But good news … being deprived of our Hebrew yearnings is now a thing of the past! Got Jew? Check out the new Jew Booth iPhone app.


Per the app’s description, “Use Jew Booth to add some Jewish culture to your photos! Take a photo or pick one from your camera roll, then add Jewish items and Jewish bling!”

Like we did with Jewish President Obama …

jew-booth-iphone-2  jew-booth-iphone-3

And Jewish Justin Bieber …

.jew-booth-iphone-4  jew-booth-iphone-5

Or the revolutionary Steve Jewish Jobs …

jew-booth-iphone-6  jew-booth-iphone-7

As a preemptive strike against potential Jew Booth critics (maybe it’s the really big add-on noses included in the app), the developer includes this statement … “The app is made for Jews by Jews! In no way is this app meant to discriminate against or demean anyone”. Well, that’s all good, however at least one Jew Booth user isn’t buying it (or actually they did buy it – cuz if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be allowed to leave a review … huh?) …


AlphaBELCH App – The Freaking Awesome Way To Teach Kids!

Whether you consider it disgusting or hilarious … everyone burps! Heck, certain Eastern cultures consider it a compliment when a guest belches after a meal. We would have to agree … certainly a better alternative than relieving yourself at the dinner table with a smelly fart.

Anywho … we recently came across a new iPhone app called AlphaBELCH [iTunes]. Published by Stephen White of “Barney & Friends” fame (don’t hold that against him please!), AlphaBELCH is an A-to-Z picture book that teaches kids the ABC’s … in the most awesome. way. ever!



You’ve got butterflies belching, moose letting loose, fireflys with glowing gas … and of course magical unicorns whose shit don’t smell.



After checking out the demo video below, we’re convinced there is no better way to teach children the ABC’s than with AlphaBELCH. And as the saying goes … “don’t judge a book by its cover” … AlphaBELCH also incorporates an important message about manners!

Normally 99 cents, AlphaBELCH (iTunes) is FREE today through December 25 … just get it now!

Be Free Of Tangled Earphones, Check Out Zipbuds -plus Recap Week Of December 13

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

December 14: Controversial ‘Jesus Dress Up’ iPhone App Approved By Apple

December 15: Jesus Dress Up Removed From App Store – It’s Not What You Think

December 16: Ninja Steve iPhone Game Approved – Apple Has A Sense Of Humor?

December 17: more TRON iPhone & iPad iOS 4 Home Screen Wallpaper [Download]

December 18: 3° of Wikipedia, 360° of Head Spinning [iPhone Game Review]


Zipbuds … Tangle-Resistant Earbuds

Tangled earphones suck! Tangled earphones begone! Check out these new tangle-resistant earbuds by DGA called Zipbuds. Pretty clever idea using a plastic zipper to prevent the cords from tangling. Zipbuds are available for $40 and come in a variety of color combinations … black, white, pink and blue. Good stuff … we’re down for a pair … plus as the video shows, chicks dig them!




(via Toxel)

3° of Wikipedia, 360° of Head Spinning [iPhone Game Review]

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)

3 Degrees Of Wikipedia iPhone Game

I consult the Wikipedia all the time for fun facts, always verifying the crowd-sourced info before citing it anywhere else. When I heard there was a game based around the information on this well traveled site, I figured I’d give it a look. At first blush, the game sounds interesting: connect one Wikipedia page to another by finding the intermediate page that links to the second one AND that the first one links to. That’s right, you are finding the middle link in a chain before someone says "You are the weakest link!".


As an example, one problem goes Pig -> ? -> Economy. It took me quite a while to find "Even-toed ungulate" as the joining page, and I have a Bacon number of 4 (I just looked it up and no, I’m not gonna tell you how I connect to Kevin Bacon because I am not a name dropper unless some cash is going to exchange hands). What chance do others have of completing these puzzles in the normal and customary 24 hour day?


Much like Wikipedia itself, the puzzles, here called problems, are crowd-sourced. Have a great idea for a chain? Submit it and as others try to solve it they will be given the opportunity to rate the "enlightenment" of the problem and its corresponding answer. I was going to submit the problem Tim Giron -> ? -> One Billion Dollars, then I realized that I actually had to know the answer ahead of time to submit it. And here I thought I had figured out a way to let all of you give me a hand with this personally important issue. I know what you are thinking, "but Tim, you don’t even have a Wikipedia entry" to which I would reply "that is a minor setback for a motivated individual".


After several rounds, however, the game began to feel a bit less engaging. Much like a multiple choice question on a Junior High science test, for some pages the answer is readily apparent. Other times, the pages are so chock full of links that you will wade in with both feet and get stuck in the muck.

There are a dizzying array of achievements to be won, most of which encourage you to submit lots of puzzles and then get your friends to feel enlightened by them. If you are a Wikipedia junkie (or perhaps an even-toed ungulate), you will probably find this game fun for a short time. At 99 cents [iTunes] , it won’t cost you much to find out!

more TRON iPhone & iPad iOS 4 Home Screen Wallpaper [Download]

Our apologies in advance … we’re getting a little TRON crazy here at Casa de KRAPPS.

Last Friday we began our official one week countdown to the debut of Tron: Legacy. We celebrated T minus 7 days by showcasing four of the most epic Tron-themed iOS 4 iPhone 4 home screen wallpapers found on the Internet. If you missed the awesomeness, CLICK HERE to view the article/wallpapers.

tron-iphone-1 tron-iphone-2 tron-iphone-3

Well December 17, 2010 is now … the highly-anticipated and long-awaited Tron: Legacy rolls out today … and frankly, we’re f*cking EXCITED!!! As such, there’s no way we can present any other material than Tron. Specifically more Tron wallpaper … but this time for BOTH iPhone and iPad.


deviantART member, binarydental, has created a stunning iOS Lightcycle wallpaper pack. It looks absolutely insane on the iDevice of your choice … iPhone or iPad. The iPhone version is 640×960 in size … while the iPad selection clocks in at 768×1024 (vertical orientation) or 1024×768 (horizontal orientation). Tron fans will love these wallpapers … download them today and enjoy!

[Download directly to iPhone/iPad camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]

iPhone (640×960)

tron iphone wallpaper 5

iPad Horizontal (1024×768)

tron ipad wallpaper 2

iPad Vertical (768×1024)

tron ipad wallpaper 1

Ninja Steve iPhone Game Approved – Apple Has A Sense Of Humor?

Said the mighty Apple to the people everywhere …

No More Fart Apps! – No More Boob Apps! – No More Amateur Hour Apps!

ninja-steve-iphone-55 With statements like these, it certainly seems Apple is a stick-in-the-mud. Zero personality, zero sense of humor … just a cranky old bump on a log. But alas, we’re here to prove the critics wrong!

In what has to be one of the most epic approvals to date … yesterday the Ninja Steve iPhone game [iTunes $0.99] went live for sale in the App Store. What makes Ninja Steve so special? It’s based on an incident which involved Apple CEO Steve Jobs being detained at Kansai International Airport in Japan for carrying Ninja throwing stars in his carry-on luggage. This “Steve Jobs Is A Ninja” drama got so out of hand that Apple released an official statement claiming the story was “pure fiction.”



Apple is really not one to poke fun at themselves … especially spoofing their leader. So the fact that they could look at themselves in the mirror and laugh … i.e. , approve Ninja Steve … is a pretty big deal.

In Ninja Steve, the user plays the character of Steve … CEO of electronics company Xicidis. Steve is delivering a keynote, announcing their new video game Super Steve Brothers. During the keynote, Smartbots (who bear a striking resemblance to Google’s Android) begin attacking the CEO and the only way he can fight them off is with his trusty Ninja stars.


The app has 17 levels for your Steve Jobs Ninja pleasures … with developer Woltz Media already working on an update which will include more characters, opponents and levels. We spoke with Palito at Wotlz Media who gave more insight into the future, “if 10,000 Ninja Steve downloads are achieved by year-end, we’ll add GameCenter and The Woz character as an update.”


While Ninja Steve might not be on the same playing level as Infinity Blade, the game is absolutely hysterical in its likeness to all things Steve Jobs. It also represents major milestones for Apple … NOT taking themselves too seriously and NOT getting their panties in a bundle. Bravo Apple! This breath of fresh air is well worth 99 cents.

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