iStoryTime – Barney Sucks, Fred The Fish Rules

3littlepigsIDIOT So the other day we were visiting the Just Another iPhone Blog web site and came across an app which is 100% pure garbage –> The Story Of The Three Little Pigs By L. Leslie Brooke. You can read their write up here, but in summary … anybody who publishes a children’s book without pictures is a complete IDIOT. But hey, why should the developer Appsessions care? They are cranking out these text audiobooks to a tune of nearly 700 apps thus far … so screw the kids – let’s make a buck!

Now on the flip-side, you have developers who specialize in kids’ books. Their main purpose is to present an interesting, colorful and interactive experience … one that will hold the child’s attention and  introduce them to the wonderful world of literature (and also to make a buck of course).

BarneyTarget11 But the more we research this whole kids book app thing … the more we are convinced you have to be slightly loopy to do a good job. It’s like those kindergarten teachers who talk to their students in a high pitched voice – then unable to shut off the Mickey Mouse impersonation when they speak with adults … freak! And you gotta be a loony tune to create such children’s shows as Yo Gabba Gabba!, Barney, Elmo … or heck, even Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was a bit odd.

So meet the folks at FrogDogMedia … a development company specializing in children’s book applications with their iStoryTime apps [iTunes]. Read their corporate mission – they get it: “iStoryTime brings the joy of a kid’s book … illustrated and narrated … the app is simple to use because it’s actually designed for kids 2-years and up”.

FrogDogLogo Ahhh … it’s ILLUSTRATED! And of course, the folks at FrogDogMedia are total nut jobs. Heck, just check out their app titles below … we got stuff about Weiner Dog Magnets – mix in a little Pink Elephant – of course a bit of Shoe-per Shoes – a Fish named Fred and a Squash – and top it off with Pirate Monkeys who are brave. WTF?!?! Who comes up with this stuff? We swear … it’s like sniffing glue is a requirement to create good children’s material. Puff The Magic Dragon baby … LOL.

FredFish   BinkyPinkElephant


Shoes    WeinerDog 

Anyways – no matter how whacky and strange FrogDogMedia appears … and just like that annoying as hell purple dinosaur … they produce appealing and engaging story book apps that children adore. Sure they might seem too strange for adult comprehension, but it’s about the kids and perhaps we all should become more child-like (oh my, wth was that?).

GIVEAWAY – courtesy of FrogDogMedia, the first 10 viewers to leave a comment receive a free  iStoryTime app ($1.99 value each). Redeemable in US iTunes only.

Lily And Stella App

By popular demand, KRAPPS will periodically review “legit” apps.

update: all Lily And Stella codes have been claimed – thank you

iPhone-Baby Got iPhone? Got Kids? … well then you better be using your iPhone with your children. Take a break from playing BurnBall or screwing around with iVomit. Spend some quality time with your kids before they get older and think you are a big-time dork – and of course, include your iPhone!

There are so many amazing children’s apps available … baby monitors, arts & crafts, books and more. The iPhone has become an integral device in one’s life, so why not use it with your children (even like the Annoy Your Teenager app).

4Square Labs has produced a very cool children’s book app called The Adventures Of Lily And Stella – We’re Home! (yeah, long app name – it’s one of those artsy fartsy things). The story is about a little girl named Lily and her pug named Stella. Lily and Stella run away from a cult and end up on the mean streets of New York City, desperately trying to survive … just kidding! Nah, it’s a cute little tale and BEAUTIFULLY illustrated … your kids will love it.

Lily-And-Stella-Screen-1   Lily-And-Stella-Screen-2

The fun part for your kids is the interactivity they’ll have with your iPhone – you read them a screen and then ask junior to turn the page by touching the screen – basic stuff, but it keeps children involved and totally loving it. Now the problem with kids is that they can get totally annoying. They will ask you to read Lily And Stella over and over and over again – annoying! But not worries, the developer has you covered and gives an option to hit the “Narrate On” button – and voila, the iPhone will read your kid the book. Too cool … parenting on auto-pilot … sweet, now go take a nap or catch some baseball on TV.


Very interesting is the behind the scenes story of Lily and Stella. Author and illustrator, Tracie King, first wrote Lily And Stella years ago but never actually pursued publishing the tale. Then in 2006, she decided to publish the  book via the self-publishing web site She uploaded pdf’s to the site and her book was born via the Internet. Three years later, Lily And Stella now star on the iPhone. When not busy with her job as a full time mom (yes, Lily and Stella are real – Lily is Tracie’s daughter and Stella is Tracie’s husband … ooops, sorry – her pug dog) and art director for Pregnancy Magazine, Tracie plans to expand the Lily and Stella series taking inspiration from the real Lily and Stella.

So all in all … this is a really feel-good app (yeah KRAPPS does have a sensitive side): cool tale, cool behind the scenes story (learn more – click here for video) and cool to interact with your kids. So purchase Lily And Stella – it’ll make you a better parent.

FREE Lily And Stella App To KRAPPS Viewers!
4Square Labs, developers of Lily And Stella, were kind enough to provide codes which will allow KRAPPS viewers to download Lily And Stella for FREE. Simply be one of the first 9 viewers to leave a comment at the end of this review. Please leave a review in iTunes.

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