Apple Recognizes Need To Get Your Freak On – Nudity In The App Store

As we began reporting back in June 2009, Apple has a zero-tolerance policy for porn and nudity on the App Store. Any application found with revealing nipple or crotch-shots, have been nailed with Apple’s ban hammer : 

06/25/09 – Hottest Girls … 07/01/09 – BeautyMeter … 07/30/09 – theXchange … 08/21/09 – Check myHottie … 09/15/09 – My X Girlfriend … 01/21/10 – forChan

Currently it’s not just pornography and nudes that are not tolerated … all overtly sexual applications are not permitted on the App Store. Well, except for Playboy, Sports Illustrated, FHM, Maxim and some others … long (idiotic) story, click here to read more details.

However, if you still insist on viewing those nipple and crotch-shots (and refuse to use the Safari app) … we have good news! If you look hard enough, nudity can indeed be found on the App Store … been there for over a year and a half. For your nipple-viewing pleasure,
Art Envi, has been for sale since August 2008.



Of course Art Envi is not the only Apple-approved skin app … the Art app contains nudity as well and a lot more of it. Hell, the developer is so naked-friendly, he even created an option enabling the user to show only nude images … eliminating clutter within the application.



Here’s another one that screams BOOBIES … the Artistic Nudes apps (we love the disclaimer … naked dead people, huh?).


And if simple nipple viewing is not enough … there are four interactive slider puzzles that might provide a thrill … Fabulous Nude Paintings Puzzle – Classic Nude Paintings Puzzle – Bathing Nudes Paintings Puzzle – Modigliani Nudes Puzzle.



So you see … it’s not all puritan in the App Store. Apple does recognize the need to get your freak on. Grant it, these are famous 20th Century paintings … but hey, at least we know Apple has a soft spot for artistic nudes and there’s a method to their madness … leveraging the sex sells methodology to promote fine art to the masses.

AppAdvice Reviews The Buzz Aldrin iPhone App – Gets It All Wrong

buzz-aldrin-bad-ass-FINAL Buzz Aldrin is a certified bad ass. Dude was the second man to walk on the moon (dammit Buzz, you should’ve laid down scissors, not rock), is a mechanical engineer, a retired Air Force pilot … not to mention … produced a computer strategy game, recorded a rap song with Snoop Dogg, (and others), had a Disney Pixar character named after him and is closing in on one million Twitter followers.

On Monday, March 22, Buzz added another accomplishment to his list of bad assness … his very own iPhone app … Buzz Aldrin Portal To Science And Space Exploration [iTunes $1.99].



The folks at AppAdvice did a fairly good job of reviewing Buzz’s new app. They highlight the original content and insights by Buzz on space initiatives including blogs, journals and twitter feeds.  The various news feeds, podcasts, NASA streaming TV, photo galleries, videos and ton of other really cool space and science stuff. For a mere $1.99, this app packs a huge amount of content and is visually stunning.

buzz-aldrin-iphone-2  buzz-aldrin-iphone-1

But as we mentioned, AppAdvice did a FAIRLY good job. Our beef with the review is that they failed to cover the best part of the Buzz Aldrin app. Its most valuable content … the stuff people really want … arguably Buzz’s biggest bad assery accomplishment to date …

Exclusive behind the scenes coverage of Buzz’s experience on
Dancing With The Stars


buzz-dancing-2  buzz-dancing-1

Walked on the moon – MEH! Air Force Pilot – MEH! Laid down sick beats with Snoop – MEH! All these accomplishments pale in comparison to killing the cha-cha-cha with his dance partner, Ashly Costa. Think about it, dude is 80 FREAKING YEARS OLD and floats around the dance floor like a delicate butterfly (“it looked like you still had your moon boots on” … screw you Bruno) … the ultimate definition of a bad ass.

$1.99 … money well spent for Buzz’s exclusive look into Dancing With The Stars. That’s what we’re talking about and shockingly what AppAdvice missed.

Oh and don’t forget – Monday nights on ABC … VOTE BUZZ!    

vote buzz

Star Walk App – Because Having The Entire Universe On Your iPhone Is Freakin’ Cool

We’ve featured a couple of augmented reality applications here on KRAPPS … Nude It lets you see naked people, while Reality Slice helps users slice a pizza into evenly-sized pieces. Nothing earth-shattering, but then again, that’s our wheelhouse.

Star-Walk-200 However today we’ll “buck the norm” and cover an augmented reality app which is … to put it bluntly … freaking insanely awesome! The app is called Star Walk [iTunes $2.99] by Vito Technology Inc. It’s an educational astronomy application which charts stars and planets. Basically what you do is go outside when it’s dark … launch Star Walk … look at the sky through your iPhone (like you’re taking a picture) … and then crap your pants in absolute amazement. Using the iPhone’s GPS feature, Star Walk automatically detects your location and displays, in glorious detail, a live representation of the sky you are looking at … stars, planets constellations and more.   



So let’s say you’re done checking out a particular part of the sky … and point your iPhone to a different location. No problem … Star Walk utilizes the iPhone’s 3GS accelerometer and compass to automatically change to the area of the sky you are currently viewing.

Star Walk provides even further awesomeness … touching any object on Star Walk’s live representation screen will give the user detailed information like size, coordinates, etc.


The Time Machine  function is another cool feature  …sort of like a time-lapse movie of the sky, going from day to night and changing star positions as you advance in time. It’s really remarkable to see the sky in this dynamic state … we were completely in awe.

In addition to the Star Spotter functionality described above, Star Walk has a ton of additional features like … choosing any location in the world and the app will show the corresponding objects in the sky … Astronomy Picture of the Day – an amazing photo gallery, kept fresh on a daily basis … and so much more. To appreciate the full-effect of Star Walk, be sure to check out the demo video at the end of this article. 



antikrappssealv2gif3 With its high-quality graphics, outstanding animations, superb sound effects and intuitive UI … Star Walk is an absolute bargain at $2.99. It delivers a wealth of knowledge in a way that is both fun, easy to understand and thoroughly entertaining … totally exceeding our expectations. And we agree with Apple who featured Star Walk as one of the best apps of 2009. We have our own term for these types of gems … anti-KRAPPS. So without a doubt, Star Walk is 100% anti-KRAPPS Certified!


Pussy Lovers, Tits And Boobies – The Joke Is Over, Banned!

caprice [kuh-prees] –noun : a sudden, impulsive change in the way one thinks or acts; freakish notion; whim

Yesterday we ran an article about two curiously named iPhone apps … Pussy Lovers and Tits And Boobies. Obviously the titles are a play on words and the apps are best served as  practical jokes. Come on Mensa, did you really think you were getting vagina pics?

TitsAndBoobiesSplash  PussyLoversSplash


Pussy and boobies developer Samir Roy stated to us that his two apps are doing very well. Within 24 hours of release, each of the apps landed in the top 10 of their respective category. Currently Pussy Lovers is the #6 Free Lifestyle app, while Tits And Boobies is #3 in the Free Eduction category. Samir indicated that Pussy Lovers and Tits And Boobies have enjoyed nearly 300,000 combined downloads within 11 days of going live.


BanHammer But like the tale of Romeo and Juliet, this love affair with pussy and boobies has a tragic ending … Pussy Lovers and Tits And Boobies are being removed from the App Store. Apple has made a sudden and impulsive change … the apps have been deemed inappropriate for the App Store. Apple’s logic (we use the term loosely) is that both Pussy Lovers and Tits And Boobies do not contain content that match the title. Samir inquired if he updated the apps with images of vaginas and breasts, could he receive Apple’s approval using the same title (funny guy that Samir). Apple made it clear, they are not asking him to include pictures of vaginas … and gave a “maybe” on breasts. Understandably, Samir is frustrated … guess he’ll need to pull the plug on his upcoming app Big Cocks (roosters).

At the time of this writing, Pussy Lovers and Tits And Boobies are still available for download … but you better hurry … the joke is almost over.

WTH Apple! ‘Pussy Lovers’ And ‘Tits And Boobies’ Apps?

We received a tip from the folks at Just Another iPhone Blog … they spotted something scandalous and thought we should be all over it. A new app was recently approved by Apple … Tits and Boobies.



The description reads as follows …

These tits and boobies are wide exposed and open to nature. You can see them as God intended to be viewed in their real forms.

Seriously, WTH!! … wide exposed and open to nature. Holy shit … visions of exhibitionists and nudist camps raced through our heads. Lately we’ve seen a lot of apps with sexy titles attempting to draw viewer attention (mainly boobs), but since tits is a first for Apple, we decided to investigate further.

We checked out the developer responsible for Tits and Boobies … Samir … and what we found was even more shocking than the original tip. From the same developer, Apple approved … Pussy Lovers.



The description reads as follows …

If you love pussy, this application is for you. Each and every pussy is more and more tight and super tempting.

OMG!! … tight and tempting pussies? Apple has completely gone insane. Thinking in lieu of cash bonuses this year, Apple passed out some hairy buds from Humboldt.

For the first time ever, we were intimidated by an app … scared to download both Pussy Lovers and Tits and Boobies. But we did, for the sake of this article and our viewing rage_fu_guy audience.

As we scanned through Pussy Lovers and Tits and Boobies, a reoccurring thought went through our heads … a scandalous tip? – FFFFUUUU Just Another iPhone Blog!

Just look at this Brazilian Pussy and a Great Tit … FFFFUUUU!

  Tits-And-boobies-1FINALS  Pussy-Lovers-1FINAL

Eco-Friendly Ass Wiping – Blog Action Day 2009

bad-180-150 Today is Blog Action Day … an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day on their own blogs with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance. While not as trendy as those cool days like Valentine’s, Mother’s or Thomas Crapper Day … Blog Action Day certainly has its place among the 365 days of the year. This year’s Blog Action Day topic is Climate Change. Joining in on the virtual discussion are 8,000+ blogs in 141 nations … that’s a lot of peeps and is the largest-ever social change event on the web. KRAPPS is stoked to be a part of Blog Action Day 2009.

So what exactly is climate change and why should you give a shit? Well without getting to techie geek on you … think of the awesome Threadless t-shirt that states – “Stop Destroying Our Planet. It’s Where I Keep All My Stuff”. Climate change is basically global warming … certain human activities which increase concentrations of greenhouse gases, thus damaging our planet. And it’s very serious stuff as climate change threatens to cause famine, flooding, millions of refugees and more … not to mention … say goodbye to baseball, skiing, pinot noir wine, french fries, etc.


Anyways, the good news is we can all very easily become eco-friendly. Got iPhone? Excellent … then check out the tons of eco-friendly apps that will help save the planet.  Awesome lists of green apps can be found at The Apple Blog, Eco Salon, Tree Hugger and Planet Green.

And what about us at KRAPPS? With the hundreds of eco-friendly apps available for download, which one do we find the most “interesting” (in a good “KRAPPS” way) … the toilet paper guide free from Greenpeace, of course!


Greenpeace-1   Greenpeace-2

Charmin-Toilet-Paper-FINAL You know it … a handy guide to finding eco-friendly toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towels and paper napkins. The Greenpeace Tissue Guide app lists various well-known brands and rates their products for environmental friendliness. The brands are then categorized by the results: Recommended, Could Do Better and Should Be Avoided (aka Evil). And surprise, surprise … well known brands like Kleenex, Charmin and Scott are evil – sorry – Should Be Avoided … while Green Forest, CVS Earth Essentials and Trader Joe’s are among the Recommended brands.

So consider it being Blog Action Day and we’re discussing Climate Change … do Mother Earth a favor … download the free Greenpeace Tissue Guide [iTunes], purchase and wipe with eco-friendly toilet paper. Of course if you’re really gung-ho, you can take Gizmodo-reader bosskev’s advice …

I find you can’t get much greener than wiping with handfuls of sawdust. It really scrapes you down good and leaves your ass smelling all pine-y fresh. Just watch out for the splinters.

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