Sexy Piano App Attempts To Deliver Sexy Sounds Of Beautiful Women [Video]

Look, we’re not afraid to admit … we’re healthy red-blooded penis-carrying members of the human race. As such, we were naturally attracted to the Sexy Piano iPhone app.


Heck, with a name like that … how could we resist? SEXY PIANO … yum!

Adding to the temptation of dropping 99 cents on this titillating application was its description. Although a bit difficult to decipher the Engrish language, we were at full attention reading Sexy Piano …

Sexy Piano is interesting piano which one of universe.
You can hear the beautiful woman’s sexy sound that you play Sexy piano and play the beautiful song. You can play the most beautiful song.

“You can hear the beautiful woman’s sexy sound” … with visions of the When Harry Met Sally screaming fake orgasm restaurant scene, we simply had to succumb to Sexy Piano’s hotness … SOLD!


And being the givers that we are, we’re sharing this sexiness with the world. Check out the Sexy Piano video below for some serious “LMAO – WTF”.

Spoiler Alert! … save a buck and just click here to watch the fake orgasm restaurant scene.

Make Custom Songs With Songatron App From ‘iPhone Antenna Song’ Guy [Video]

Remember the guy who wrote “The iPhone 4 Antenna Song” … the same song which Apple featured at the start of their iPhone 4 Antennagate press conference back in July. Yeah … dude’s name is Jonathan Mann and he also wrote epic songs about Steve Wozniak (That’s Just Woz) and the Pocket God app (The Pocket God Update Song). Actually Mann is kinda insane … he’s got this thing going on where he writes a brand new song every freaking day … but hell, who are we to judge.

So besides writing songs 24/7, Mann has figured out how to squeeze 32 hours into one day. You’d think dude would sleep those extra 8 hours, but no … Mann continued to be a work mule and as a result, recently released the Songatron – Musical Mad Libs app [iTunes $0.99 and Free Lite version].


songatron-iphone-2  songatron-iphone-3

Songatron is a universal app (works equally great on both iPhone and iPad) and right up our alley … funny, unique and at times … weird. The app basically offers custom songs created by the user. Songatron is like Musical Mad Libs … the app inserts a word you record/say into a song resulting in what can be some hysterical stuff.

Check out this “HORNY” Songatron clip …

Check this out on Chirbit


Check this out on Chirbit

Sound effects work too – of course there is a “FART” song …

Check this out on Chirbit

?!? …

Check this out on Chirbit

Overall Songatron is a well polished, high quality app that will keep you entertained forever! The 99 cent version [iTunes] contains 13 pre-recorded songs with 5 new songs per month promised in future updates … the FREE version [iTunes] contains 2, so check it out and upgrade to the full version asap. Plus you can share you creations via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

songatron-iphone-4  songatron-iphone-5

Oh … and this should come as no surprise … Mann wrote a song about his Songatron app! Be sure to check out the highly entertaining music video below.

Amazing – Mishka The Talking Husky Dog Sings Using iPad [Video]

Meet Mishka … a handsome 8-year-old Siberian Husky from the United States. But Mishka is no ordinary dog. Far from it – this is a talking dog! Heck, even better … Mishka is a talented singing Husky who puts most of today’s pop artists to shame <Bieber>.

With help from the magical iPad and the La Di Da application, Mishka the Talking Husky performs an auto-tuned canine classic that’s sure to make more than a few bubble gum artists <Bieber> a run for their money. Check out Master Mishka at work …


And speaking of a run for their money … Mishka’s pop single Mishka’s Song, just dropped on iTunes this week. At 99 cents, we hope Mishka’s Song will gross more than that annoying teenage freak’s <Bieber> sorry excuse for music.

ROCK ON MISHKA … next stop = Glee!


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Even In Prison, Lil Wayne Rocks The iPhone With These Noteworthy Apps

Every couple of weeks, Apple publishes a list called “New and Noteworthy” … especially awesome iPhone applications that Apple recommends to the buying public. Having your app on this list is a developer’s dream come true as “New and Noteworthy” apps tend to skyrocket up the charts and achieve financial success.

“New and Noteworthy” … MEH! We’re here to tell you this list blows … case in point, Apple neglected to mention any of the epic Lil Wayne iPhone applications listed below. FAIL!

Be Like Lil’ Wayne


be-like-lil-wayne-2  be-like-lil-wayne-3

It’s true … the world would be a better place if everyone was like Lil Wayne! Currently in prison on weapons charges, couple with numerous arrests involving drugs and a variety of other misconducts … hard to imagine a better role model than this American rapper. 

Lil Wayne Fortune Teller



It’s Lil Wayne – complete with tats, bling and dreads – reading your fo’tune wit a Magik 8-Balz … what could be greater dan dis?

Free Weezy



The first of its kind … and iPhone app which counts down the jail term of a felon. As previously noted, Lil Wayne is currently in prison after being convicted of criminal possession of a weapon. He is scheduled to be released sometime in November. If you need to keep track of the exact time until this momentous occasion, download Free Weezy now – yo!

1990 vs 2010 – How Did We Survive Without The iPhone?

What a difference 20 years makes … although obviously the author of this hysterically true graphic does not own a revolutionary iPhone. If they did, steps #2, #3 and #4 would be streamlined into one and expanded to something like this …

2010 – 9:01 a.m.
Launch Shazam, discover what song is playing,
who sings it, the lyrics, artist’s biography, discography,
tour information, watch music video on YouTube four times

1990 vs 2010 final

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OMG, The Official Britney Spears iPhone App, OMG

OMG … we <3 ya Brit … XOXO

In case you’re over the age of twelve and missed the huge news, pop star Britney Spears has released her official iPhone applicationIt’s Britney! OMG … we’re huge Britney fans and this app brings us closer to her heart. It’s soooo cool!


OMG … just look at all this Britneylicious stuff it does …

Be Britney’s Dancer
Upload a picture of yourself and within seconds you’ll have a photo of yourself onstage with Britney! Then you can brag to all your friends that Britney is your BFF. OMG … soooo cool!


Messages From Britney
Britney will be checking in and dropping you exclusive messages! And it’s really her sending you those messages … we know, because we love her. OMG … soooo cool!

Read Britney’s cool and fascinating tweets like … “I just had a Pinkberry and it was so yummy”  or “I had a nice, restful evening and got a great massage last night” … OMG.


Launch the Sparkler feature and hold up your iPhone at her concert! We’re not really sure what it does, but it doesn’t matter … you will be sooo cool!

Shake It
Shake your iPhone and hear Brit say … “It’s Britney Bitch!” OMG … 10-year-old Britney wannabees saying “Bitch” is just soooo cool!


The privilege of having our iPhone scream … “It’s Britney Bitch!” … is worth the $1.99 price tag alone. And thinking many agree, as It’s Britney! has skyrocketed to the #3 Music app and into the Top 100 Paid apps. Of course the rumored update which will include the “Drive Like Britney Bitch!” video game (bonus points for mowing down police officers, driving while balancing a baby on your lap and running red lights) will surely position It’s Britney! as the #1 app of all-time. Ur da best Brit … XOXO.


Shinning Fiends

Title: Shake.Rock (for your great party)
Category: Music

Ok, this one is such KRAPPS we don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start by reading the Shake Rock app’s description …

First of all, if you decide to sell an app in the American iTunes Store, make sure your description makes some effing sense.
“You will be shinning in your fiends” –  shinning = climb & fiend = devil … so you will be climbing in your devil
“Choosing it quickly!” ??? “This program makes you” ??? … Shinning fiends quickly makes you ???… wtf … HELLO … American iTunes Store – hint, hint – speak ENGLISH … or spend some money and have someone translate this KRAPPS for you.

Second, maybe we are not cool or hip enough, but WTF is a Party Logo and why do we need one? We’ve been to our fair share of parties and clubs throughout the years – never once saw someone displaying a Party Logo. Do chicks dig Party Logos? Will a Party Logo get you free drinks? VIP lounge access? English As A Second Language classes?

Shake-Rock-Logo4               Shake-Rock-Logo3               Shake-Rock-Logo2               Shake-Rock-Logo1

Third, we’re not sure, but we think we figured out how to make this app work … so you select the Party Logo category and then shake your iPhone … a Party Logo sort of appears, then disappears, then it seems to freeze your iPhone, then it flickers, then the screen goes blank … huh??? … hell, try it for yourself – if you are 100% sure you figured it out, let us know – we are dying to flash our bitching Party Logo next time we go out clubbing.

original photo by Michael Hart (aka Mekka) on Flickr 
And finally, this app was released on Oct 25 for $3.99 … $3.99!!! … who in their right effing mind would buy this app for 4 bones and why the eff would (the developer) think people would buy it??? Shake.Rock (for your great party) is a KRAPPS name, it doesn’t work, no one needs a Party Logo and the app’s description sounds like it was written by someone totally hammered … yeah, 4 bones makes a lot of sense. No wonder the app has ZERO customer reviews as it probably has ZERO sales. But is genius, on Nov 11 they lowered the price to 99 cents … brilliant .. NOT … still ZERO customer reviews. So then the price was lowered yet again on Dec 5 to FREE. Attention Apple and … stop the KRAPPS … make the App Store a safer place … shinning fiends (aka “climbing devils”) are evil … exorcise Shake.Rock (for your great party) app quickly … BEGONE!