Christmas Greetings From KRAPPS & Steve Jobs [Video]


From all of us here at KRAPPS, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Of course, no Christmas greeting would be complete without a Steve Jobs version of ElfYourself … and yes, there’s an app for that! Check out Steve making an elf out of himself in the Super Dance Elf Christmas iPhone app … quite disturbing if you ask us!

Be Free Of Tangled Earphones, Check Out Zipbuds -plus Recap Week Of December 13

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

December 14: Controversial ‘Jesus Dress Up’ iPhone App Approved By Apple

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December 16: Ninja Steve iPhone Game Approved – Apple Has A Sense Of Humor?

December 17: more TRON iPhone & iPad iOS 4 Home Screen Wallpaper [Download]

December 18: 3° of Wikipedia, 360° of Head Spinning [iPhone Game Review]


Zipbuds … Tangle-Resistant Earbuds

Tangled earphones suck! Tangled earphones begone! Check out these new tangle-resistant earbuds by DGA called Zipbuds. Pretty clever idea using a plastic zipper to prevent the cords from tangling. Zipbuds are available for $40 and come in a variety of color combinations … black, white, pink and blue. Good stuff … we’re down for a pair … plus as the video shows, chicks dig them!




(via Toxel)

more TRON iPhone & iPad iOS 4 Home Screen Wallpaper [Download]

Our apologies in advance … we’re getting a little TRON crazy here at Casa de KRAPPS.

Last Friday we began our official one week countdown to the debut of Tron: Legacy. We celebrated T minus 7 days by showcasing four of the most epic Tron-themed iOS 4 iPhone 4 home screen wallpapers found on the Internet. If you missed the awesomeness, CLICK HERE to view the article/wallpapers.

tron-iphone-1 tron-iphone-2 tron-iphone-3

Well December 17, 2010 is now … the highly-anticipated and long-awaited Tron: Legacy rolls out today … and frankly, we’re f*cking EXCITED!!! As such, there’s no way we can present any other material than Tron. Specifically more Tron wallpaper … but this time for BOTH iPhone and iPad.


deviantART member, binarydental, has created a stunning iOS Lightcycle wallpaper pack. It looks absolutely insane on the iDevice of your choice … iPhone or iPad. The iPhone version is 640×960 in size … while the iPad selection clocks in at 768×1024 (vertical orientation) or 1024×768 (horizontal orientation). Tron fans will love these wallpapers … download them today and enjoy!

[Download directly to iPhone/iPad camera roll by touching the image, press and hold the image on its new page and select save]

iPhone (640×960)

tron iphone wallpaper 5

iPad Horizontal (1024×768)

tron ipad wallpaper 2

iPad Vertical (768×1024)

tron ipad wallpaper 1

Jesus Dress Up Removed From App Store – It’s Not What You Think

Yesterday we featured the controversial Jesus Dressup iPhone application by artist Normal Bob Smith. The app depicts Jesus hanging from the cross in his underwear and allows  users to place silly outfits on Jesus like a basketball uniform or tutu.


Back in 2003, retailer Urban Outfitters stopped selling refrigerator-magnet sets of the same dress up concept due to a huge national controversy.

And now, Jesus Dress Up finds itself removed from sale once again. In less than 24 hours after launch, Jesus Dressup was pulled from the App Store. Considering many Christians would find Jesus Dressup offensive and insulting, it should be no surprise the app is no longer for sale.


But what is surprising are the details surrounding the removal of Jesus Dressup … specifically Apple did NOT remove the application. There was no public outcry … no activists … and no organizational efforts that led Apple to ban Jesus Dressup. Rather a fairly boring spat between the app’s owner, Normal Bob Smith, and its developer.

Smith writes on his blog

Let there be no confusion. Apple did not pull the Jesus Dressup app. Christians did not get it removed. I had a gargantuan disagreement with the person who made the application for me and last night, in a heated phone conversation that ended with us hanging up on each other, the app yanked by us.

We contacted Smith to get further clarification and insight into the situation … he said, “It was a disagreement over control of the account and pay. Work had begun before anything was in writing. That was a mistake. Subsequently an agreement could not be reached between us, to put it mildly”.

We then asked if he had plans to re-launch Jesus Dressup if he could find a feasible business partner … to which Smith replied, “I have no idea at all if there’ll be another go at it. I’m very soured on the experience.”


There were a few more questions we had for Smith, but the bastard told us we had enough info and called us “nosey” … LOL

So there you have it … the controversial Jesus Dressup app was removed due to a rather “normal” disagreement. Who knows if Apple would have banned the app themselves if Smith didn’t remove it in the first place. But for now, as the saying goes … move along – nothing to see here.

Controversial ‘Jesus Dress Up’ iPhone App Approved By Apple

apple-fail-iphone It is no secret that Apple is a big FAIL when it comes to enforcing a consistent set of rules when approving iPhone applications for sale in its App Store. Many developers feel the app review and approval process is arbitrary and senseless. Hard to argue with these folks when you realize the examples below are actually quite common …

Apple bans the Me So Holy app which allows users to superimpose their faces on images of religious figures like Jesus, Mother Teresa and others. Apple rejected Me So Holy because, “applications must not contain any obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory content or materials of any kind.” Fair enough – yet somehow BibleThumper … a Christian-bashing app whose purpose is to show “just how ridiculous the Bible and Christianity is” …is considered non-offensive by Apple.

iSlam Muhammad was also pulled from the App Store due to images of the prophet Muhammad (prohibited by Islam) and highlighted disturbing passages from the Qu’ran. Fair enough – yet somehow QuranQuoter … the Muslim-bashing version of BibleThumper is all good with Apple.

And the beacon of consistent randomness at Apple continues to shine as yesterday  JesusDressUp was approved …



Based on his website of the same name, the 99-cent Jesus Dressup iPhone app was released by artist Normal Bob Smith. The app depicts a crucified Jesus, hanging from the cross in his underwear … and lets users to dress Jesus in silly outfits like a red tutu or a Chicago Bulls basketball uniform.

JesusDressUp-iphone-3  JesusDressUp-iphone-4

Smith’s game is no stranger to controversy (he proudly displays nearly 500 pages of hate mails on his site). In 2003, he produced a Jesus Dress Up refrigerator-magnet set which was picked up by trendy retailer Urban Outfitters. After media spotlight and over 250,000 complaints, Urban Outfitters announced they would no longer carry the magnet set. Also as a result of this national controversy, Smith’s web-hosting company shut down the Jesus Dress Up website … which remained offline for several days until a new host was secured.


After major screw-ups like approving the Baby Shaker app, it’s curious that Apple would even go down the path of approving Jesus Dress Up and chancing the integrity of the Apple brand. But entering our third year of writing KRAPPS … guess we can’t say we’re surprised, but still wondering if Apple’s brilliant team of approvers will risk accepting Smith’s Jesus Dress Up counterpart … Dress Up Prophet Muhammad.


Uber Nerdy 8-Bit Safe Sex PSA [Video] – plus Recap Week Of December 6

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In case you missed any of our perfect iPhone chaos, quick links to this week’s articles.

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December 10: TRON iPhone iOS 4 Home Screen Wallpaper – 4 To Choose From [Download]

December 11: Do Want: Plants vs. Zombies Toys


8-Bit Safe Sex PSA

LMAO at this super nerdy, yet ultra creative safe sex public service announcement from The Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership. Sort of a Megaman / Mario mashup where suiting up with a condom is the key to success.


(via Bite)

Do Want: Plants vs. Zombies Toys

One of our favorite pastimes (besides scouring the fringes of the App Store in search of the krappiest apps) is collecting iPhone related items. Over the past few years, we’ve stockpiled all sorts of eclectic novelties … Pocket God figurines, Angry Birds plush toys, Steve Jobs dolls, No Tie Software t-shirts, Poop The World toilet paper and so much more.

And now, thanks to the keen eye of our friends at iPhone Savior, we’ll be adding some Plants vs. Zombies figurines to our ever-growing collection.

plants vs zombies toy 2

With ninja-like skills, Etsy member AllWithHand produced these handmade Plants vs. Zombies characters from polymer clay … and they simply rock!

There are fifteen figurines available at prices ranging from $152 for the complete set … to $80 for a set of six … or $18 per individual character. You’ll find all your favorite Plants vs. Zombies friends like Sun Flower, Pea Shooter, Thunder-shroom or that pain-in-the-ass to kill Football Zombie.

plants-vs-zombies-toy-4  plants-vs-zombies-toy-6

plants-vs-zombies-toy-3  plants-vs-zombies-toy-5

Bravo AllWithHand … you just put a huge dent in our Christmas shopping list … loving it!

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