Infraconscious Level And Psychologic Reactivity

We love foreign developers who pimp their goods in the U.S. App Store. Something about a non-American perspective is refreshing … not to mention their app descriptions are pure comedy (memo to ESL developers – get some help … and no, Babel Fish doesn’t cut it).

So meet our Russian friend Valeriy Petrenko. With over 15 applications released, Valeriy is an App Store veteran. His latest achievement is an iPhone first … an original … like we said, it’s that whole non-American thing … and if you think about it, pure brilliance!

russian-TP Now before we get into the details of Valeriy’s application, let us give you a bit of insight into the Russian lifestyle. You see, in Russia, generally, most people are not afforded the simple “luxuries” of life:

> There is no difference using Russian toilet paper or pages out of a phone book
> Smoking a Russian cigarette is the equivalent of being attached to a nicotine IV
> Want milk? – Go tug on your cow’s udder or stand in a half-mile long line

notowtruck But alas, such conditions lead to pure ingenuity:

> No tow truck? – Get your buddies to throw your car in back of a truck
> No Grand Theft Auto video game? – Steal a real car
> Light post in the way of your construction? – Build through it
> Can’t afford a computer? – Build one out of a shoe box


And here’s another example of Russian resourcefulness … mice infestation in your living quarters? – Build an iPhone app (please pay special attention to the description) …


Mousetrap1  Mousetrap2

ZDOROVO (russian for awesome) Valeriy!

Title = Mousetrap To Get Rid Of Mice … love it. clear and will not be confused with a mountain lion trap (always good to repeat yourself in the app’s title).

Strong Proof Of Concept = “It is enough one or two contacts of the mousetrap and the mouse for formation of a strong negative reflex on an infraconscious level and psychologic reactivity” … heck, who are we to argue INFRACONSCIOUS LEVEL and PSYCHOLOGIC REACTIVITY.

Clear Results = “The mouse will not visit You anymore” … again, how can we begin to argue this point? An unsuspecting mouse rolls up on a blank iPhone and then gets the living infraconscious scared out of them by a glaring cat.

LOL … the Mousetrap To Get Rid Of Mice app … Only in Russia!