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kevinandbeanLogo90 KROQ 106.7 – The Kevin & Bean Morning Show – Los Angeles, CA

04/01/09: Radio Interview. CLICK HERE to download.

91xmorningshow-logoTRANS90 91X – The 91X Morning Show With Mat Diablo – San Diego, CA

04/23/09: Radio Interview. CLICK HERE to download.

05/12/09: Radio Interview. CLICK HERE to download.


12/30/09: Best And Worst iPhone Apps by anchor Kristie Lu Stout

wsj_logo90 The Wall Street Journal

05/07/09: Andy Jordan’s Tech Diary – iPhone’s Crap Apps video.

Article References:

06/23/10: The Huffington Post – Fire Up Your Sex Drive App Promises To Cure Erectile Dysfunction
06/23/10: Mobile Crunch – Steve Wozniak Spotted Camping Out Overnight In San Jose For His iPhone 4
06/23/10: Gizmodo – The iPhone Now Fixes Erectile Dysfunction Too
06/23/10: PopCrunch – Evening Crunch Crumbs
06/21/10: The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) – Space Invaders Business Cards
06/18/10: Gizmodo – The Space Invaders iPhone Utilities
06/04/10: Gizmodo – The iPhone App Store Scams
06/01/10: Gizmodo – One Day, Steve Will Announce This Crap and You’ll Buy It

05/04/10: The Register UK – Apple Boots STD Psychic Healing App Out Of Bed
05/02/10: Houston Chronicle – Buyer Beware: Rotten Apps For Sale

04/27/10: Wired – Apple Just Says Yes To iPhone Game For Smokers 

03/23/10: Mashable – Russian Singer’s “Trololo” Meme Gets an iPhone App
03/23/10: Gizmodo – Trololo iPhone App. Free. Oh Yes

02/24/10: UOL Tecnologia – Usuários do iPhone agora podem explorar a Lua
02/22/10: Mashable – NASA’s First iPhone Game: Lunar Electric Rover Simulator
02/22/10: Gizmodo – First Official NASA iPhone Game Is Science Fiction
02/19/10: Wired – Apple Removes Porn Apps From App Store
02/12/10: Ars Technica – Apple Putting The Kibosh On Soft-Core Porn App Screenshots
02/12/10: Smoking Apples – Apple Rejects App Due To Objectionable Screenshots
02/03/10: Network World – 50 Smartphone Blogs: A Whirlwind Tour Of iPhone, Android And BlackBerry Sites

01/22/10: The Big Money – Apple Hates Porn. But Porn Loves the iPhone.
01/11/10: Wired – Porn Browser Sneaks Into iPhone’s App Store
01/11/10: Techmeme – forChan iPhone App
01/11/10: The Big Money – The Fight To Put Porn on the iPhone
01/04/10: Gizmodo – Pocket Heat App Turns Your iPhone Into a Hand Radiator

12/29/09: Gizmodo – Apple Approves "Tits & Boobies" and "Pussy Lovers" Apps
12/28/09: Glamour Magazine – Sexting: There’s an App for That!
12/23/09: The Huffington Post – Safe Sexting App Will Cover Up Your Nude Texts
12/23/09: Mashable – Safe Sexting? There’s an App for That, Too
12/23/09: Gizmodo – You Know You Want the Safe Sexting iPhone App
12/12/09: Spiegel Online – Die Playboy-App ist da!
12/11/09: Guardian UK – Playboy pouts at iPhone users
12/10/09: The Huffington Post – Playboy iPhone App: It Isn’t About The Articles (Or Nudity)
12/10/09: Wired – Porn-Free Playboy iPhone App Is Here, But Who Will Buy It?
12/10/09: Gizmodo – Official Playboy iPhone App Doesn’t Include Interesting Articles
12/10/09: Techmeme – Official Playboy App Approved
12/10/09: Neowin – Apple approves Playboy app for your viewing pleasure

11/18/09: Gizmodo – Application Makes Your iPhone Blow Air
11/18/09: TecheBlog – Blower App Lets You Use iPhone to Blow Out Candles
11/18/09: iPhone Alley – Blower Blows Air From Your iPhone’s Speakers
11/03/09: Wired – The Price Is Wrong: 13 Overpriced iPhone Apps
11/03/09: Gizmodo – The Ultimate iPhone Waste of Time
11/01/09: St. Joseph News-Press – Sweet App! iPhone applications run the gamut from brilliant to boneheaded

09/30/09: Gizmodo – iFukkin iPhone App Maybe Is Not What It Seems
09/08/09: The Grand Rapids Press – iPhone App Store Continues To Add Productivity, Entertainment – And Annoying Novelty Programs
09/01/09: Gizmodo – Bustedhot iPhone Application Makes Me Lose Faith In America

07/30/09: Gizmodo – TheXchange: Will This Porn iPhone App Survive the Apple Banhammer?
07/28/09: Gizmodo – iWet T-Shirts: Yet Another iPhone App That Makes Me Shake My Head in Shame
07/27/09: Gizmodo – Weirdest Use of Spreadsheets I’ve Ever Heard
07/27/09: Gizmodo – Multiplayer Chess iPhone App Is Very Cool, But Probably Won’t Be a Bestseller
07/20/09: Fox News (National) – New iPhone App Helps You Find Pot
07/10/09: Fortune – The 10 Dumbest iPhone Apps
07/10/09: San Francisco Chronicle – There’s An App For All Kinds Of Inane Things
07/10/09: Fortune – Snapshot Of The iPhone App Store: One Yea Later
07/07/09: CNN – Can Apple Keep The App Store Clean?
07/02/09: Macleans – I Can Turn My iPhone Into A Shotgun
07/02/09: PC World – More Pornography Sneaks Onto The iPhone
07/02/09: Techmeme – Update – Apple Pulls BeautyMeter App With Nude 15-Year-Old
07/02/09: The Register – Apple Grapples With Wave Of Filth
07/02/09: iPhone Savior – BeautyMeter App Pulled After Teen Girls Bare All
07/01/09: Fox News (National) – Teens Posting Nude Photos On iPhone App
07/01/09: Wired – Child Porn Is Apple’s Latest iPhone Headache
07/01/09: Gizmodo – Apple’s Nudie App Headaches Now Involve Underage Girls
07/01/09: Download Squad – Child Porn On Your iPhone Via An Apple-Approved App?

06/04/09: Journal Du Geek – Des Donzelles Qui Nettoient l’écran De Votre iPhone?
06/03/09: Gizmodo – Sexy Screen Wash for iPhone Is Both Stupid and a Scam
06/02/09: Gizmodo – iPhone Zips Will Let You Unzip Jeans to See Naughty Bits

05/20/09: The Boston Globe – App Maker Seeks Answers From Apple
05/04/09: Wired – iPhone App Turns Your Smile Upside Down

04/23/09: The Wall Street Journal – Apple Removes “Baby Shaker” App
04/23/09: Business Week – Anatomy of a Flash Crisis … The "Baby Shaker" Fiasco
04/23/09: Reuters – Apple Raises Ruckus With Baby-Shaking App
04/23/09: Wired – Apple Removes Baby-Killing App Amid Outrage
04/23/09: G1.Globo – Apple Remove Aplicativo Para Chacoalhar Bebê Virtual No iPhone
04/22/09: CNET – Apple Approves ‘Baby Shaker’ For App Store
04/22/09: MSNBC – ‘Baby Shaker’ App Pulled From iPhone Store

02/24/09: Wired – iPhone App Spanks Your Frenemies