Shinning Fiends

Title: Shake.Rock (for your great party)
Category: Music

Ok, this one is such KRAPPS we don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start by reading the Shake Rock app’s description …

First of all, if you decide to sell an app in the American iTunes Store, make sure your description makes some effing sense.
“You will be shinning in your fiends” –  shinning = climb & fiend = devil … so you will be climbing in your devil
“Choosing it quickly!” ??? “This program makes you” ??? … Shinning fiends quickly makes you ???… wtf … HELLO … American iTunes Store – hint, hint – speak ENGLISH … or spend some money and have someone translate this KRAPPS for you.

Second, maybe we are not cool or hip enough, but WTF is a Party Logo and why do we need one? We’ve been to our fair share of parties and clubs throughout the years – never once saw someone displaying a Party Logo. Do chicks dig Party Logos? Will a Party Logo get you free drinks? VIP lounge access? English As A Second Language classes?

Shake-Rock-Logo4               Shake-Rock-Logo3               Shake-Rock-Logo2               Shake-Rock-Logo1

Third, we’re not sure, but we think we figured out how to make this app work … so you select the Party Logo category and then shake your iPhone … a Party Logo sort of appears, then disappears, then it seems to freeze your iPhone, then it flickers, then the screen goes blank … huh??? … hell, try it for yourself – if you are 100% sure you figured it out, let us know – we are dying to flash our bitching Party Logo next time we go out clubbing.

original photo by Michael Hart (aka Mekka) on Flickr 
And finally, this app was released on Oct 25 for $3.99 … $3.99!!! … who in their right effing mind would buy this app for 4 bones and why the eff would (the developer) think people would buy it??? Shake.Rock (for your great party) is a KRAPPS name, it doesn’t work, no one needs a Party Logo and the app’s description sounds like it was written by someone totally hammered … yeah, 4 bones makes a lot of sense. No wonder the app has ZERO customer reviews as it probably has ZERO sales. But is genius, on Nov 11 they lowered the price to 99 cents … brilliant .. NOT … still ZERO customer reviews. So then the price was lowered yet again on Dec 5 to FREE. Attention Apple and … stop the KRAPPS … make the App Store a safer place … shinning fiends (aka “climbing devils”) are evil … exorcise Shake.Rock (for your great party) app quickly … BEGONE!


  • itito

    Dude this app is awesome! *Sarcasm OFF*

  • of course! all the cool kids are doing it 🙂

  • Dude this app is awesome! *Sarcasm OFF*

  • of course! all the cool kids are doing it 🙂