Chill Potato

Title: Funky-O-Meter
Category: Lifestyle

FunkyOMeterIcon The Funky-O-Meter app leverages the iPhone’s GPS functionality to retrieve funky places, thus allowing the user to visit these funky establishments and get their groove on. Users also have the ability to build and share their funky network by rating establishments based on a numerical Funkyness Factor.

I’m still not exactly sure what’s the app’s purpose (it kept crashing my iPhone), however one thing is certain – OLD people should not be developing or writing descriptions for apps. Terms like: Funky, Funkyness Value, Funky Meter, Un-Funky, Chill Potato, Get Funky … sorry, not clever and not the way to market your app. Come on guys … put down the bong, hit stop on the 8-track tape player spinning The Grateful Dead and step out of your El Camino… welcome to the year 2008. News Flash: funky is old – it farts dust – and it’s not cool (not to be mistaken with Funk music which is indeed cool – James Brown, George Clinton, War, etc.).

funkyometer1             funkyometer2

And for you continued pleasure, I’ll let the app’s description do the rest of the “talking”:

– How funky is it here?
– Wheres the nearest funky place?
– How do you keep funky dudes like me away from un-funky places?


We all wanna be hanging out where its most funky. So the funky-o-meter keeps you in-the-know with all thats funky and away from the just plain chilly and dull aka non-funky.


The funkyometer is a geo-tagging application, which allows users to tag locations and set funkyness values on a scale from 0 not Funky to 100 very Funky. Funky guys and gals like you and your friends determine whats hot and funky and whats not. The application will then calculate an areas total funky-ness rating – and point out the super funky or very un-funky places near you.


Its easy and fun to use!


So dont be a chill potato, man…. Go out there and Get Funky!