Put Down The Molson

Title: Calgary Traffic
Category: Navigation

Screenshots within the app’s description page are a critical selling feature. Since Apple does not give refunds on apps and there are no trial periods, the app’s screenshots are the only visual preview a developer can give the potential buying audience. So pretty simple concept: screenshots = good … include them – include several of them!

CalgaryTrafficScreen This is why the Calgary Traffic app is absolutely hysterical. The developer wisely chose to include a screenshot … BUT … the visual is a blank loading screen … even worse, the Mensa developer was attempting to create this screenshot while the iPhone was in Airplane mode (thus no 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi access so app will not function properly) … and perhaps the worst offense of all – this screenshot or lack of screenshot has been on proud display for the past FOUR months since Calgary Traffic was released on Sep. 17 … WTF  … Guys, I know Canada gets really cold during the winter and everybody tends to “shut down” a bit – but geez – put down the Molson lager and fix your advertising, you actually might sell a few apps.


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