Clearly Obnoxious

obnoxious_rosie-after Long names are obnoxious. The guy with 14 letters in his last name … not his fault, but clearly obnoxious! Major League Baseball team “The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim” … sorry Arte Morino, totally obnoxious! Long movie titles … “Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines Or How I Flew From London To Paris In 25 Hours 11 Minutes” … also obnoxious! Longest url …

… waaaaaay obnoxious, but kinda cool.

Same goes with iPhone apps. The HiCalc Winner Of Best Calculator In The 2007 PPC Magazine Awards app. Just called the damn thing HiCalc and be done with it. No need to throw your marketing spin into the title … NOT a clever tactic at all. We are all very proud of developer PPCLINK and their award from PPC Magazine, but based on the obnoxious factor of your app, I’m turning the page … even if you win the 2008 award. <yawn>