Cheap Bastards

Camping3 Tally Up is a nifty little calculator the enables the user to divide multiple expenses over a group of people – so that each individual pays the proper amount and no one gets the shaft. The developer claims he wrote this app in response to a real life camping trip he attended … 12 people went on the trip, 7 people drank beer, 11 people ate breakfast and 10 people ate dinner … with Tally Up, simply enter the data and the app will spit out, down to the penny, the correct amount each individual owes. In conclusion, the developer states that a 45 minute problem on his real life camping trip can now be reduced to 3 minutes.


Camping2 Wow! Honestly, we’d think twice about ever going on a camping trip again with the guy who whips out his iPhone and starts punching in numbers into Tally Up. So accuracy is not down to the penny – who cares – what’s a few dollars amongst friends? And these 12 folks sat there for 45 minutes, crunching numbers, trying to figure out who owes what and what’s the fair share? LOL! Cheap bastards. We can imagine the bickering back and forth over the dollar amounts. Didn’t anyone figure their time and effort were better spent making another beer run? Sounds like one heck of a group … be sure to throw us an invite to next year’s trip … we’re am so there!