Gangstas And Homies

photo via ‘Sup G?!?! Where you at Playa?!?! West Coast in da house … kickin’ it gansta style!! Yeah boy!! Playa you pimpin’ now? Rollin’ in da BLING? Yaaaa what … no? … check it –> KRAPPS bling edition.

K … you blingin’ now – good! Now we get all gansta ya … cuz that’s how Apple rolls … wanna be a gansta? – yeah boy!! – there’s an app for that!!

LOL … there’s actually two apps for all those iPhone carrying gangsta wannabes. First up, we have the Gunsta app which boldly claims … “Shoot It Like A Gansta”. This app is similar to the way too many iPhone guns blasting the App Store lately … only it’s gangsta style … a gold-plated gun for additional gangsta-ness (go figure, didn’t know real G’s use gold-plated guns – learn something new every day I guess). Anyways, read the Gunsta description for yourself – paying special attention to the value-added benefit of “also works for lefties” (ha … these guys just crack us up) …


Gunsta1    Gunsta2

Ok … so now you rollin’ with your gold-plated gun, just blasting away … what else you need to be a real iPhone gansta? A 40 ounce of course! Come on, you know the streets are mean in iPhone-land and like the app says, “do you ever wish you could pour one out for a homie, but don’t have a 40oz nearby?” Well now you do, with the Pour1Out app. And continuing to quote the app … “now you can impress your friends with how street you are by pouring one out next time Tupac or Biggie is bumping” … huh?

(note – “Pour One Out For My Homies”: the act of pouring liquid (usually an alcoholic beverage) on the ground as a sign of reverence for friends or relatives that have passed away. In most cases, a 40 ounce bottle of liquor is used)



And for your continued gansta viewing pleasure … we highly recommend checking out Pour1Out’s App Store user reviews. They are a story unto themselves … but more on that later … we’ll just leave you with a censored tease that snuck by Apple’s profanity filter.