The Real Reason Baby Shaker Was Approved

SHHHH! Be quite – we’re at work, taking a nap. Ahhh, it’s so nice, going to our job and catching solid ZZZ’s for a good 3 to 4 hours. Yeah baby … Slacker Nation! We’ve been sleeping at work for 11 years now, perfecting our talent and becoming quite the experts.

In our rookie years, we used the basic “Hide And Sleep” method … simple, yet effective.


Next we shifted to the “Shave And Sleep” method. A bit expensive getting the proper cut and forces us to wear a hat most of the time – but hey, our head made for good party talk.


Our latest craft (we call it a craft because sleeping at work is an art) is the “Stick And Sleep” method … freaking awesome eyelid stickers called Sleep Safe Tape – they rock!


So 11 years of experience … we’re the sleep at work ninjas … or so we thought …

Obviously we’re big Apple fan boys. So last week we headed up to Cupertino to visit the Mothership. Because Apple adores us, we were able to get a VIP tour of One Infinite Loop – specifically the App Approval Department. And DANG, from what we witnessed … no wonder there are nearly 40,000 iPhone applications. These app approval employees work their asses off … or so we thought …

The App Approval Department was buzzing with activity … phones ringing, mouses clicking (or is it “mices clicking”? … ah screw it, who cares … go read Business Week if you want proper grammar) and keyboards banging. But a double-take led us to notice there were NO employees at their desks – every App Approval Department cubicle was empty! But what was this “activity” we kept hearing so clearly? Come to find out … it was a recently released iPhone application called iNap@Work  – which plays office noise so that the user can sleep at/under his desk without any suspicions. WTH?!? These freaking slackers out-ninja’d us! They approved an app for their own selfish purposes … so the entire App Approval Department could snooze and avoid getting caught by Steve. That’s whack – we’re the sleeping ninjas, not Apple!

iNapWork1    iNapWork2

But I guess we’ll get the last sleeping ninja laugh … LOL … because while the App Approval Department was taking their iNap@Work snooze – a little app slipped by and caused quite the shitstorm … and now you know the real reason Baby Shaker was approved … the iNap@Work app and wannabe sleeping ninjas, Apple-style!