Hot Dog Down A Hallway – Fun For All Ages

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)

EDITOR’S NOTE: although we detailed the recent controversy surrounding Hot Dog Down A Hallway, we feel it’s appropriate to write a stand alone review to shift focus to what really matters … the actual game. 

HotDogHallwayName Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, step right up and prepare to be amazed by the stupendous stunt wiener! Transformed from pudgy porker to turbo tube steak, it whirls and it twirls as it flies through the air, all for the benefit of your entertainment. Will it catch maximum air and be flung far to fly downfield or will it have its trip cut short by an encounter with a nasty crab? It’s anybody’s guess, each show is completely different from the last. Will you cheer with fists raised high or will you jeer with heads hung low? The fickle finger of fate will decide! Gaze upon the impressive list of achievements which the stupendous stunt wiener has attained. Will you be the lucky audience to witness the awe inspiring "Mile High Club" or will you depart despondent that you only made it to "First base"?



With a humorous concept and good-natured innuendo galore, Metaversal Studios Inc. has delivered a game which has multiple layers of appeal. Game controls are deceptively simple: you initially control the angle and power of the launch and once your hot dog is airborne, you rotate the phone to make slight course corrections. Utilize the beneficial items in the playing field like the flinging plant and the spinning chandelier and you gain distance. Meet up with the snapping claws of the crab or the wrong end of the blowing fan, however, and your trip ends right there. Even those ignominious ends might be rewarded with an achievement, though. Ingeniously, you can see only the titles of the achievements that you have not yet conquered, leaving you wondering just what you have to do to get them (and what great titles they are, as well). This definitely encourages repeated play. I still have six achievements to clear and have played "just one more round" on several occasions trying to figure them out. Cool, I cleared "Third base" while I was capturing some screen shots, so I just have five more to decipher!


I definitely look forward to more games from this developer. I know they have recently run afoul of Apple’s approval process with an update to this game. I experienced no issues running the current version and, at 99 cents [iTunes], it’s a steal for the amount of entertainment provided.