Bizarre iPhone Promotional Techniques

With over 40,000 iPhone apps available for sale, getting “noticed” is a huge challenge for developers. So besides releasing a quality app, marketing plays a key role in the success of that application. We’ve seen some pretty unique and interesting promotional efforts by POOP-THE-WORLD-TP2 developers attempting to get noticed.

The BurnBall iPhone game was the first app to create a community competition. BurnBall players would join tribes (teams) and compete against each other for prizes.

Imangi Studios held a contest involving their Little Red Sled game which challenged players to submit a screenshot of their most radical sled maneuver.

Then we have Poop The World. Clever (aka whack-jobs) folks behind this dookie diary app. First they have their own line of branded toilet paper for promotional campaigns. Then they  created a series of really bizarre promotional videos. The one below is an absolute riot. An imported takeoff from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video … it contains dancing zombies, hysterical subtitles, Snuggie references and other madness. Make sure you watch it a few times and read those subtitles – freaking insane!