Touch My Crotch

baggy1 Ok, today we talk underwear. Are you a Boxer or Brief type of guy? Or maybe you are into those Boxer Briefs things? How about the ladies … Thong, G-String or Full Backs? Then there’s always the Boy Shorts option for the gals. Underwear = big business … sexy … super expensive if you indulge in La Perla. Simply put, underwear is fascinating stuff … heck, why else would so many folks walk around with their pants half way down their ass, exposing their choice of underwear for all the world to see?

iPanties2 Meet iPhone app developer Jake London. Apparently he, like most, has an underwear fetish. Maybe it’s because he discovered the Slide To Unlock iPhone tribute panties, iPanties … or maybe it’s because he’s seen one too many g-string riding out of those low cut jeans. But whatever the case may be, Jake decided to dedicate his time and programming talent to underwear with the release of Zips Lite. So follow closely … we’ll give you a brief tour (see what we did there?) of Zips.

Upon launching Zips, you are presented a CROTCH. Yes – a beautiful close up of a zippered jeans CROTCH. So the point is to touch the CROTCH with your finger, pull down the zipper and reveal the underwear behind the now un-zippered CROTCH.


zips1   zips2   zips3

And that’s it … brilliant, isn’t it? Jake is a genius and honestly, we feel blessed to have discovered such a hidden talent amongst iPhone developers. But Jake isn’t done … Zips Lite is just the beginning. He plans to offer a non-lite version which will allow the user to put any image behind the zipper. Oh that Jake is a sneaky one! Look at this mad man appealing to the commando lovers of the world … “nothing comes between me and my Calvins” … you go Jake!

(can you believe Brooke Shields was FIFTEEN in this commercial?!?)


Oh – and coming soon to an App Store near you … BUTTONS … slide your finger down the blouse to expose the bra underneath. And when Apple looses even more of its mind … UNDRESS ME … slide your finger to un-button and un-zip, then a flick motion to completely remove the article of clothing. You don’t think it’ll happen?!?! Haaa … you better start paying attention to KRAPPS!