The Most Blatant Sexploitation In An iPhone App

MSHOT is a Korean-based iPhone app development company. You probably never heard of them … which is a good thing … because there’s something very strange going on at their  offices and frankly, we are concerned!

Last month, MSHOT released the Office Girls app … one of those typical “Oh Sexy Baby – Let Me Touchy Touchy” wallpaper apps. Fair enough … there’s like a million of them … who cares. True – but upon further review, it seems management at MSHOT has been pressuring female employees into provocative poses in exchange for their job security …


WTH is this? … “These pretty secretaries who live perky lives, gladly volunteered to be our models” … YEAH RIGHT! They better agree to this blatant sexploitation if they want to remain MSHOT employees. Come on … pimping out your own personnel? What kind of business do you guys run? – software firm? – don’t think so. Mix in a little sexual harassment charges over at MSHOT … just look at these pics from the Office Girls app:

hey there hot MSHOT secretary … unbutton that blouse of yours and show us your sexy black bra … smile, you’ll be in our Office Girls app and YOU WILL LIKE IT!


yeah that’s it secretary babe … hike up that red dress way high … love the plunging neckline … this will be perfect for our Office Girls app and YOU WILL LIKE IT!


oh, never mind us … keep talking on the phone … we’re just trying to get a boob shot for our Office Girls app and YOU WILL LIKE IT!


But unfortunately the madness of MSHOT continues. They’re now branching out beyond their immediate office location and terrorizing innocent young Korean hot chicks throughout the country. Yesterday MSHOT released the Pocket Girls app (no relation to the Pocket God app)  … bragging about their persuasive techniques on unsuspecting Asian girls …


Again … WTH is this? The description sounds like something you’d find in the slave trader oriented movie Taken (great flick, by the way) … “Purchasing this application enables us to find and recruit new Asian girls and persuade them into lingerie shots” … are you F’ing kidding!?!? Who the hell even thinks like this, yet alone writes this stuff as a sales tool. We’re not exactly sure what’s more “amusing”, the Pocket Girls description or the actual images it contains:

great job sexy lingerie ladies … pretend you’re sleeping … spoon up real close …
give her a nice “courtesy touch” … excellent
(oh krapp, we misspelled pocket … screw it, Apple won’t notice)


are you kidding me? … is that all you got? … come on! let’s go! … wider, wider, wider
LOL … easy lady … you’ll end up pulling a groin muscle


that’s the money shot … sleeping in lingerie … looking so sexy and vulnerable
LOL … who the hell sleeps like this?


WOW … Office and Pocket Girls … is this where Apple is taking us with yesterday’s OS3 launch and the subsequent Parental Controls? Oh what the hell … we’ll take it … we look at it as job security (and we don’t even have to pose in our sexy lingerie).