Crazy Letters App Fittingly Developed By A Crazy Dev

perfectionist We have this friend named Mike (yes, that’s his real name) … Mike has issues. He’s the guy who’ll notice if a picture hanging in his house is slightly crooked and just has to straighten it immediately. He’s the guy who organizes his CD collection by genre, then record label, then producer, then alphabetical, then release date, then SKU. He’s the guy who barely passed Writing Composition because he could never quite start off writing his term paper correctly. Mike characterizes his behavior as being a perfectionist … we think he’s simply a freak.

However, his “Freak” is our “Gain”. You see Mike is also a talented app developer … and of course, being the freak … errr … perfectionist he is, no way is Mike going to release some piece of krapp. Nope … when Mike releases an app, he makes sure his development behavior is 110% over-the-top.

Take for example his latest app … Nabbed [iTunes] … right from the get go, he didn’t think the name was perfect enough, so he changed it to Crazy Letters. The Crazy Letters app enables you to apply letters, numbers and punctuation to any image in your iPhone’s camera roll or from taking a picture within the app … thus creating a custom caption.


Baby_Shaker_Crazy_Letters   BeautyMeter_Crazy_Letters

There are over 500 characters to choose from. The characters are ransom note-style … meaning cut outs from magazines, each with a unique color, style and font. Ok … so most normal people would simply purchase a ransom note font package and program it into the app. But not our friend Mike. Poor bastard sat there for months … hand cutting letters, numbers and punctuation from countless stacks of magazines … putting them in piles … the A’s, the B’s, the C’s, etc … then scanned and Photoshopped each one into digital files. Seriously, who does this kind of stuff … total freak.

But like we said, his “Freak” is our “Gain” … because the final product of Crazy Letters is absolutely superb. The user interface is simple and intuitive, the processing is fast and smooth … and of course the hand cut graphics are outstanding. You can position each word anywhere with a touch of a finger, change the style of letters by simply shaking your phone, save to camera roll, email to friends or upload directly to Flickr. The possibilities with Crazy Letters are endless … and for only 99 cents, provides hours or repeat entertainment.

Oprah_Crazy_Letters   Apple_PC_Crazy_Letters

Sure enough, Mike is already freaking out about Crazy Letters … thinks it needs improvements … so he’s submitted an update for approval which will give pinch to scale ability. Yeah, that and he’s still cutting out letters from magazines by hand … LOL – poor dude has no life. Help this psycho out and purchase Crazy Letters … maybe we can get him enough bank where he will finally put down the scissors before he hurts himself.