Apple Approves iPhone Strip Club Locator App

So these locator apps are pretty cool. You know – the ones where you push the “location” button and the iPhone does its geolocation ninja thing to pinpoint your current location … then the app spits out all the related stuff nearby. Certainly can come in handy … find the nearest Starbucks, McDonald’s, gas station or whatever (although you could just as easily go outside, take a look around and find a Bux or Mickey D’s … they are freaking everywhere). They have locator apps for just about everything … banks, post offices, pizza joints, donut shops, car dealerships, apartments … heck, even marijuana … and as featured here on KRAPPS … Find A Gynecologist <—WTH.

Peep-Show_final Unfortunately, the App Store is not perfect … it’s sorely missing a locator app which we feel is imperative to the continued success of the iPhone. Thinking about this missing app, we are overcome with feelings of sadness and begin to weep. We need this app to complete us … we need a Strip Club locator app!

But a small, two person independent game development company has decided to take a walk on the wild side and turn our frown upside down. Thank you JT Harkey and Julie Leiby of Happy Cow Games for completing us … thank you for the Gentleman’s Club Finder app.


Consider Gentleman’s Club Finder your Guardian Angel … be gone those feelings of desperation – you’ll always know where to find that next lap dance or $100 bottle of Andre Cold Duck Champagne. Oh and this app is so awesome … do that whole touch geolocation ninja thing and not only does Gentleman’s Club Finder spew out the nearest nudie bars, but it also gives detailed driving directions, one-touch call functionality and reviews of each club … flippin’ golden!

GCF1    GCF2

Editor’s Note: BUYER BEWARE! During our extensive review of the Gentleman’s Club Finder app, we came across a bug. Seems JT and Julie tapped into the wrong national strip joint database. Per the app’s search results, we visited the Las Vegas-based Red Rooster (above left image, first entry) in hopes of discovering fresh and titillating exotic dancers. But what we found left us confused, frightened and scared for life!

RedRooster4  RedRooster5


  • Eric Decosta

    I like Strip Clubs App better – up to date and has more club info – just sayin

  • Eric Decosta

    I like Strip Clubs App better – up to date and has more club info – just sayin