Apple Approves The Asian Boobs App (not a typo), Yet Censors The Dictionary

Attention stand-up comedians … you all SUCK! Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Larry The Cable Guy, Dave Chappelle, Sarah Silverman, etc … it’s time to sit down, shut up and just go away. There’s a new King Of Comedy! And just like Madonna, Bono, Prince and Sting … this act is too huge for more than one name … this comedian is simply known as –> APPLE.

Now have you seen Apple’s latest routine? It’s epic – absolute pant pissing hysteria! Well dictionary_EVIL either that or you’ll experience one of those “WTF Moments” in life. Follow along closely …

The other day, Apple made the wise decision to censor the dictionary. You know – that reference book which contains definitions … the same reference book found in elementary schools. Yeah, dictionaries are EVIL! They contain objectionable words like ass, screw and snatch. Not only did Apple censor the dictionary, they slapped that filthy reference book with a 17+ rating. So sucks for you 16-year-old … you will not be purchasing the Apple censored Ninjawords Dictionary app.

So the day after saving the world from the dictionary, Apple does a favor to mankind and approves the Asian Boobs app. No, that is not a typo … the name of the Asian boobs app is Asian Boobs. Guess Apple was tired of all those discreet app titles like Lingerie Fantasy Video, Baberoo Babes, Hot Girls and Peekababe … screw it, let’s just cut to the chase … BOOBS.


Asian Boobs 1   Asian Boobs 2

The King has spoken! So you better remember …

Dictionary = Evil
Boobs = Good

But we’re still confused about this Good vs Evil deal. Maybe Apple can help us out … we get that Boobs are good – but then why are Vagina and Penis evil? LOL … great comedy!




  • Cheers for the apple decision maker wheel! They must have some kind of a decision wheel making these absurd approvals and denies…
    Dictionary – evul indeed! When weren't the boobs good???!!!
    Being serious, all this crap that is happening with the apps store changed my mind about Apple as a brand…

  • LOL … “Wheel Of Approvals” … indeed!

    Yeah, that's our biggest question mark with all these krapp approvals – what
    is Apple thinking regarding the integrity/value of their brand.

  • r

    Nice irony there, and played well for comedic value.

    Except that Apple 'censored' the boobs app in the very same way it did for the dictionary — by giving them *BOTH* 17+ ratings … and then putting them *BOTH* on sale on the App Store.

  • Apple's story behind Apple's “censorship” of the Ninjawords came after this
    story was written. At the time of writing, the only information available
    was what the techie blogs were reporting … that indeed Apple
    censored Ninjawords. Only later did Apple come out at say that they wanted
    to approve Ninjawords with its sexual slangs as a 17+ rated app. Actually,
    Apple is doing that a lot lately … reaching out to devs of “wringfully”
    rejected apps and trying to rectify the situation … good for Apple! See
    example here from Gizmodo –>

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  • tecspring

    that's irony, they even rejected me for the keywords contain “boobs”…

  • You must have got Grumpy as the approver … now the other 6
    Dwarfs … Errr … App Approvers would have approved your keyword,
    just like they did with the Boob Stack app we recently wrote about.

    Freaking weak!!

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  • corimic

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