I Am the Sausage King, And I Can Do Anything

(written by guest author Tim Giron. follow Tim on Twitter @timgiron)

Anything sausagey, at least, in Escape of The Sausage King, a vertical scroller by Ryan Bell. You control the titular character by tilting left and right, hopping from bun to bun for brief bits of respite or bouncing on a pickle for maximum hang time. But don’t think for a second that the life of a Sausage King is all about the mustard monarchy and the regal relish. Dangers await his majesty in the form of the firey grill on the bottom and the sharp spikes along the top. One can only imagine what sort of Kielbasa Coup brought him to this fate.

Esacpe Of The Sausage King 1   Esacpe-Of-The-Sausage-King-

Your score is based on how long you survive and the game has three speeds to keep it challenging as your skills improve. The graphics & character animations are polished and the music is inspiring the first couple of times you hear it. I checked out the developer’s website and it appears that he is a graphic designer and musician, so the caliber of those aspects is much better than many other games in the 99 cent category. After a little while, though, I wanted to just listen to music from my iPod while playing. The app doesn’t support that, however, and the iPod music fades out upon launching.

Esacpe-Of-The-Sausage-King-   sausage-4

Gameplay is decent. As with any tilt-to-control game, you have to determine the sensitivity at first. I also played for quite some time before I figured out that the character will "warp" to the other side of the screen if you go off the side edges. The scrolling elements appear to follow a pre-defined pattern, so shattering scores on the high speed setting will ultimately depend on learning the pattern. However, the game is enjoyable for reaction play as well and will definitely keep the kids entertained on the drive home.


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