Killa Kitties From Compton – Keepin’ It Real

(written by guest author Connor Coghlan. follow Connor on Twitter @Condawg)

Cats. They never get old. Silly kats are the memes that shall live on forever, without a doubt. And Killa Kitties From Compton [iTunes] by developer StarvingEyes, is a nice display of hysterical kats.


The game is composed of eight short and compelling mini-games that range from shaving a pussy to getting one wet (stop the madness – minds out of the gutter pleazzze). Oh, and the fun doesn’t stop there.

You’ve gotto do your best to keep these krazy kriminal kitties off the streets (I assume). But be quick, as these killa felines are krafty and will escape from every effort of trying to krack down on them (although you’d think with all the bling they wear, these kitties would be weighed down and slow, but totally not the case … damn fast kats … bling or no bling).


photo 6

Now, the fun doesn’t stop at the gameplay. The presentation is freaking hysterical. From the clip that starts the series of mini-games (chanting … "Compton Kitties, Keeping It Real.  You. Will. DIE!!”), to paws clapping as the words … "On To The Next Game" … pop up rhythmically, this game is krazy entertaining. And while I play most games without my headphones plugged in, this game has always got me going for the audio. I have a first-gen iTouch, by the way … no speakers … sucks for me.

photo 5


Now Killa Kitties From Compton may not be for everyone … like if you hate fun, for example. Otherwise, you will laugh your ass off. This game continues to have me in stitches every time I play. For only 99 cents, check it fo sho … it’s PERFECT!