Pocket Shot – We’re Still Talking About An App, RIGHT?!?

Remember that yesteryear toy called Slime? Well, we guess … but unless you are a total toy geek or 107 years old, you probably don’t recall. Anywhoo, Slime was this oozy drippy green material that came in a little trash can. Kids basically just held and touched the stuff getting totally grossed out by its cold, wet and slimy feel. Gets kinda boring after 12 seconds, but that’s when child creativity takes over … throwing the shit all over the place was the best! Flinging green slime at your friends, on the wall or at the TV provided countless hours of entertainment. The real punks hurled slime at their mom, sister’s hair and at the ceiling or box fan (for maximum household damage).


Well good news from yesteryear … slime is now available for your iPhone in form of the Pocket Shot game [iTunes] for only 99 cents (or check out the Lite version for free).


Similar to another awesome toy, Silly String … Pocket Shot turns any gathering into a party! This game is perfect for killing time in your dorm room, fraternity or sorority house. Liven up a business meeting, Bible study class or traffic school. Everything from birthday to bachelor parties can be kicked up a notch with Pocket Shot.

Gameplay is simple. The key is to choose the right picture for the Pocket Shot target. A facial close-up provides maximum entertainment. Next you’ll have to pump your weapon. This is done by shaking your iPhone up and down really fast a bunch of times. Once loaded, you’ll need to aim your barrel. Finally, release the gooey slime by stroking the pump grip. Hopefully you have mad skillz and your blasted goo hits its facial target, scoring big points (and go ahead, brag about your score with in-app Twitter support).


Pocket Shot 1   Pocket Shot 2

Whoa now! Hold on … wait just a minute!

Hard pumping – Shake your iPhone up and down (fast!)
Stroke the pump grip – Show ‘em your O face as your shot is released

Uhhh – WTH is this? … your “O” face? We’re still talking about an iPhone app … RIGHT?!? Whatever … we’ll let the viewing audience decide … make your final verdict by watching the Pocket Shots promo video below … RIGHT?!?



  • “I like it cause the iPhone doesn't say no”… seriously. WOW

  • “I like it cause the iPhone doesn't say no”… seriously. WOW